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    20 practical p-dog setup gas system length...?

    So I’m putting together a 20 prac for a prairie dog rig. I’m planning on going for a heavy bench queen type setup. Here’s my parts list I have so far. Aero enhanced upper or dpms lo- pro (can’t decide) Superlative gas block Mullerworks 11 twist finished at 24-26, .936 gas block and 920 at...
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    Suppressors Tbac cb brake taper question..

    Can anyone tell me what degree angle on the taper interface?
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    Suppressors Form-4 efile??

    Has anyone heard of this recently ? Thought I read somewhere that Atf was hoping by fall of 2019 that they would have this up and running.
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    17hmr autoloader opions?

    Wondering if anyone has any experience or luck with these as far as reliability, safety, or accuracy potential? Mainly wondering about the volquartsen models, or if there is any custom builders.
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    Arm or Ally contact info?

    I just received an empty box on my doorstep from Arm Or Ally and was wondering if anyone has a phone number for them?
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    Time stamp help?

    The time stamp seems to be off by somewhere around 4 hrs on my account.. Can someone point me in the right direction to change this? I can’t seem find a time zone link or anything.