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  1. ker2222

    Range Report Old amax and 6.5 @710yrds

    got my creedmore out to some decent distance today. Not worthy of elr or anything but still pretty good opportunity for me—710 yards rifle built by randy at r&d precision some years ago. 24 inch Bartlien barrel.....old school manners gen 1 chassis t3. Ammo is some of my remaining but...
  2. ker2222

    Optics WTT: Bushnell XRS2 for Ammo: Buy a scope with bullets!

    I have an almost brand new Bushnell XRS 2 with the G3 reticle in vortex branded seeking rings. Scope has seen exactly one trip to the range and 10 rounds to zero it. Its just too much scope for me. They said it was heavy, I didn't believe them. They said turning 50 sucks and things get...
  3. ker2222

    Accessories WTT Creedmoore Ammo: Horndady 147 ELD-M

    So I think its time for me to start down sizing a bit--too many calibers to feed and not enough time to shoot. Am going to start moving out of 6.5 creedmoore. Have bunch of factory ammo and a bartlien barrel blank and stuff to post later. But first the block is 400 rounds of 147gr...
  4. ker2222

    Optics WTS: Bushnell DMR II-i w/G3 $800

    Looking to move up to some higher magnification. Scope has seen most of its life atop a 223 bolt gun (2-300 rounds) and now sits atop my 6.5 (100 rounds). Scope has seen some prairie dog fields but has no scuffs or marks that I can find. 800 shipped to lower 48 PayPal preferred.....other...
  5. ker2222

    Optics WTT: your xrs 2 for my dmr2i plus cash

    Kinda taking a shot here hoping to make a trade. I have a dmr2 with the illuminated g3 reticle. I’d like to trade for an XRS2 with non illuminated g3 id throw some cash in to even trade—or 6.5 ammo..... lol let me know!
  6. ker2222

    Accessories WTB: 6.5 Grendel Ammo

    Hoping to find some one who is willing to part with some 6.5 grendel ammunition.... let me know fellas
  7. ker2222

    Reloading Equipment Twin cities MN reloaders: varget and primers

    Bought these a few years ago for my entry into reloading which didn’t happen. Everything has been humidity and temperature controlled in storage and is unopened. Not trying to gouge just get back what I have in and move them onto someone who needs them: ftf in southern metro only 3x 1lb...
  8. ker2222

    Ar-15 gurus, help me out please

    Doing some cleaning and maintainable and saw this on inside of upper reviver. What the heck is it? A little cosmetic issue Or something serious. or something serious?
  9. ker2222

    Help me fix my manners stocks

    Have an older manners stock.... gen 1 chassis..... it has adjustable cheek piece but it’s out of alignment..... not sure how to proceed. 1. can it be fixed 2. Can a replacement be ordered?
  10. ker2222

    Accessories WTS/WTT: Manners PRS2. SOLD

    I bought this stock this winter from Altus this winter for a project. Installed my barreled action and shot 20rds on it. I have too many irons in the fire so I am trying to consolidate a bit and finish up some projects. Rem 700 and clones SA inlet, heavy Palma contour, here is the link from...
  11. ker2222

    Optics wts: Vortex branded Seekins 34mm ext cantilever mount

    I have a basically brand new (bought before xmas) vortex branded seeking manufactured mount. Got it from optics planet right before christmas and then wife got me another for xmas present.......sooooooo, I had to pretend like i hadn't just got one for Here's the link from optics...
  12. ker2222

    Optics Wts: bushnell elite tactical 1-8.5

    Bought this on sale from Cameraland for a holiday project that is not happening now. Literally Bnib except I took it out to look at it.... lol Never mounted or shot. I am last the return period so just trying to recoup some funds for new project. $600 shipped/insures to lower 48 here’s...
  13. ker2222

    200pcs 1x fired Hornady 6.5 CM brass--$70 shipped

    200 pieces of Hornady 6.5 creedmore brass. ALL started life as factory 140 amax loads and are now 1x fired from my custom bolt rifle. 70$ shipped to lower 48. Paypal FF preferred
  14. ker2222

    Gunsmithing Smith in Minnesota?

    Looking for a smith to do a rebarrel in Minnesota..... anyone have a recommendation?
  15. ker2222

    wtb: rem 700 barreled action in 223

    Looking to throw a quick trainer together for my daughter. Looking for a 223 barreled action on a rem 700 or rem 700 footprint with some life left. Ideally, faster twist (1:7-1:8) and rem varmint to heavy palma contour and between 18-22 inches
  16. ker2222

    Night Vision Opinions wanted: Best zero for offset laser?

    I will be running a steiner offset IR laser of an AR platform--PVS14 helmet mounted. Purpose will be varmint and predator hunter and some hogs as well. Shots are expected to be between 75-225 yards with 250 yards probably the max attempted. Since laser is offset, I am wondering what best...
  17. ker2222

    Night Vision best way to mount PVS14 behind day scope

    Pretty new to night vision hunting--hogs and varmints. Currently running a pvs14 behind an eotech. Works fine out to about 75 yards. I am wanting to add a little magnification to my nv capabilities. Ideally I would like to be able to attach the NV behind a 1-6 variable power scope. What is...
  18. ker2222

    Rifle Scopes weird scope center but passes tall target test?

    so.....upgraded scopes this summer----went with the bushnell lrhs 4.5-18 mil/mil. Scope is awesome and exactly what I wanted. I mounted it up in some seekins rings, tightened to 50lbs and hit the range. Rifle is a R@D Precision 6.5 creedmoor sitting in a manners stock with the BDL mini chasis...
  19. ker2222

    Rifle Scopes nf svh or bushy me pull trigger

    picking between these two scopes: the night force 4-14 svh F1 or the bushnell lrhs in 4.5-18.........illuminated versions in both. I prefer MOA which leans me towards the NF but MILs isn't a deal breaker so long as knobs match reticle. rifle is my 6.5 creed and it will almost exclusively be...
  20. ker2222

    what makes a trigger go "tits up".....

    I have an old remington 700 trigger. IT is out of a CMP 40x. I tuned it years and years ago and it was a pretty consistent 2.5lbs pull for over a decade. ITs been in one action but with different stocks and different barrels and has been awesome. Now, seemingly suddenly, it has a 5lb pull...