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  1. Temper

    WTB 223 Shell Holder

    Anyone want to sell a spare 223 universal shell holder? Long shot but worth it at this point.
  2. Temper

    Accessories AI Bipod

    I got an original AI bipod. Used condition but still works perfectly. Would trade for 10rd AICS 300WM mags or a nice 308 die set/projos. 225 OBO. I take Paypal. SOLD
  3. Temper

    Optics Nightforce NXS F1 3.5-15 Mil/Mil

    Selling my mil/mil NXS F1. It has ring marks and some light wear but is in good shape, lenses are perfect. It has a MLR2.0 reticle. Only have the scope. 1600 OBO shipped I take Paypal. Only trade I'm interested in is a Schimdt & Bender PSR model.
  4. Temper

    2x LNIB Aimpoint H2

    You guys know the deal. Selling two LNIB H2's. Never mounted, only listed as used because no box. Comes with tool and manual. 550 shipped/insured each firm. 1050 if you buy both. I take Paypal. Email will get you the quickest reply. -ONLY- trades: Wilcox top ring for Docter Mil/Army/Nav spec...
  5. Temper

    Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50 1150 Shipped

    Selling my NXS 3.5-15. High speed MOA turrets, MOAR reticle, zero stop. Has some marks from use but nothing major. Glass is perfect. Comes with sunshade and bikini cover, no box. 1150 OBO shipped Only trades, if not on this very short list I don't want it: Mil/Army/Nav Spec Nightforce...
  6. Temper

    Leupold TS-30A2 SOLD

    Selling my used Leupold TS30A2. Perfect scope for your Mk12 or Recce clone. Was previously painted, has ring marks, some wear on turrets and illum. Glass is perfect. Comes with the factory Leupold covers, no box. 1250 OBO. I take Paypal and ship USPS insured. Only trades, if not on this...
  7. Temper

    Optics WTB: Nightforce NXS Army Spec F1

    Also looking for 2.5-10x24 and 5.5-22 Nav specs but those are a long shot.
  8. Temper

    SOLD LNIB Aimpoint H2

    Selling 2x LNIB Aimpoint H2. Only reason I'm listing it LNIB is because it doesn't have the box. Comes with caps, manual, mount and the Aimpoint tool. 600 shipped and insured. I take Paypal, you cover fees. Only trades: Crye LV MBAV S/M AICS 2.0 Long action Nice tripod setup Army...
  9. Temper

    WTB: AICS 2.0 Long action FOUND

    Looking for a long action AICS 2.0 folder. Color or condition doesn't matter as long as it's complete.
  10. Temper

    Minox MD80Z 20-60x80 spotter SOLD

    Selling my spotter to fund a Mk13 build. I bought this on a whim and don't use it as much as I'd like since I mostly shoot solo and I can spot through my own scope. It's got marks from my phone holder around the ocular, lens are in good shape. Comes with box and cover. 900 OBO shipped and...
  11. Temper

    SOLD Minox ZP5 5-25 MR4

    Selling my Minox ZP5 to fund a Mk13 build. Scope has faint ring marks and one scratch along the objective housing. Some wear marks on the turrets, nothing major. Does have the box and manual. Scope covers are MIA. It is a Gen 2 and has the white box. Disclaimer: This scope had to be sent back...
  12. Temper

    Jewell HVR, MPA, Nightforce, Larue scope mounts

    Selling some extra mounts and a spare trigger. The Jewell is right side safety, no bolt release. MPA 1.250" 34mm mounts Larue LT104 30mm Nightforce 1.375 30mm Unimount ultralite Prices are shipped, I take Paypal: MPA 170 Larue 120 NF 130 Jewell 170 No trades
  13. Temper

    WTB: Stainless 700 SA "S" Prefix

    Looking for a Stainless 700 short action or barreled action with a standard bolt face and S prefix serial number. Thanks.
  14. Temper

    SOLD: Minox 5-25 ZP5 MR4 2300 shipped

    Selling/trading some spare scopes that are sitting in my closet. First up is a later gen Minox ZP5 5-25 with MR4 reticle. Has some wear, no major scratches, lens in perfect condition. Has white box and paperwork. Next up is a Vortex Gen 2 Razor with EBR-2C(MOA) reticle. This scope was just...
  15. Temper

    Manners T6A Mini chassis 700 SA SOLD

    In great shape. All imperfections are pictured. Specs: Inlet: Gen 2 chassis for Defiance Deviant SA (I've used a 700 and a TL3 so far in the stock no problem) Barrel channel: M24 Atlas rail 2 QD cups on left side Rear sling stud Elite Swamp camo Elite CF shell and fill (stock weighs about...
  16. Temper

    SOLD Larue Harris 9-13 QD Bipod

    Notched legs. 160
  17. Temper

    7mm SAW

    Anyone reloading for this cartridge? What kind of velocities and accuracy are you getting? I saw it while perusing West Texas Ordnance's website looking for info on the Switchlug and it's caught my interest as I'm interested in switching calibers and I have plenty of the brass used to make this...
  18. Temper

    Gunsmithing Steyr Gunsmiths.

    Well, I came across at work a Steyr-Daimlich-Puch SL in .222 Rem at work today for a steal of a price. It's kind of beat and I'd like to turn it into a project gun. Is there any people out there that even work on these regularly? Possible rebarrel/chamber for a .223 Rem and a bedding job. Does...