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    Users of Hornady case length gauge, didn't the bullet pusher used to be made of brass?

    My stoney point is plastic. I've had it over 10 years, maybe 15...
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    USSOCOM Selects Nightforce for Ranging – Variable Power Scope Program to Equip Semi-Automatic Sniper Weapon Systems

    Looks like12 mils per rotation. The top numbers are for the second turn. 12 + 3 = 15, which is the number over the three. The 6 looks to be opposite the 0.
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    Maggie’s Free lumber (some assembly required)

    The title is wrong. It should say "Some disassembly required..."
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    Help me out on a super budget build.

    At a mile the quality of the glass will be a huge factor. Lower magnification with really good glass will get you more than higher magnification with cheaper glass, at least in terms of image clarity. At longer range, I would be looking for sharpness and snappy contrast first. A lot also...
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    ATF's Proposed Rule posted with no announcement/not listed

    Yes, they do cite the ATF. Here's the actual definition of Frame or receiver: Firearm frame or receiver. That part of a firearm which provides housing for the hammer, bolt or breechblock, and firing mechanism, and which is usually threaded at its forward portion to receive the barrel...
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    Help me out on a super budget build.

    At what range? I was shooting put to 600 the other day and never went over 12x, and that was plenty, 2 MOA or thereabouts targets. The last time I shot at 16x was a group test at 200 yards with a 1/2 dot as the aim point. Most people way over-magnify then wonder why they can't spot their own...
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    Member Link Up New England/New Hampshire

    The ranges close at sundown. Because of family commitments I would pass on an overnight, but I'm certainly up for making a day of it.
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    Member Link Up New England/New Hampshire

    I got up to Alderbrook for the first time yesterday. It's a nice place. The terrain however doesn't lend itself to spotting misses with brush everywhere. I couldn't connect at 530 odd yards. I had to be close, but up, down, left, right - no idea, no splash and I couldn't see any trace...
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    Dear Larry

    While I'm not one to crow or cry about vendors, I have gotten very careful about ordering from Midway. Some things are way jacked up in price. Midway USA Midsouth That's not a small difference. Guess where I went to buy an Hornady AP to replace the ancient Hornady Projector that is...
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    Oh Atlanta

    So is NH.
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    Training Courses Rifles Only classes in Texas, Colorado and New Hampshire!

    I know I've missed the NH dates, but out of curiosity were those at Alderbrook?
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    Grand Solar Minimum

    Here in NH it's been switching from being a bit on the cool side for the time of year to "I'm so freaking hot I'm going to die!", which is about 85 degrees in my case. I have no idea how you survive down south....
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    Nemo Omen

    It's a rule of thumb rather than an absolute statement. The real factor is the pressure profile from the time the bullet passes passes the gas port to the time it exits the barrel. Heavier bullets tend to move slower while having a port pressure very similar to the lighter bullets in many...
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    Nemo Omen

    I think that is the root cause of all the issues. With the heavy pill the gun is way over-gassed with a high port pressure. The brass is still expanded slightly and sticking to the chamber walls leading to poor extraction/ripping off rims because it's so overgassed. It's the same reason you...
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    Nemo Omen

    That was me, and I was probably a bit harsh. The rule of thumb for starting loads is 10% less than max. so 74 - 7.4 = 66.6 (o_O). That's where the 67 came from. Secondly you cannot load for FPS from a manual. Some barrels are fast and some slow. You need to load for your gun and only your...
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    Nemo Omen

    :eek:👆👆 What he said. You are at the Sierra bullets max load for that round, and it is way too hot for that rifle,brass,primer & bullet combo. You clearly haven’t a clue what you are doing behind a reloading press.