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  1. jLorenzo

    Changing ammo to maintain zero across temps

    I think it would be easier, more effective and more consitent to use the same ammo and dial the changes in drop using a good ballistic calc to figure out the difference.
  2. jLorenzo

    Optics WTS Nikon monarch 2.5-10x42 mil dot

    Could you post a few pics please?
  3. jLorenzo

    Rifle Competition Events Colorado Rifle Club - Long Range Rimfire Match

    How much would I miss if I left at 12:30? Unfortunately have not been able to get off work.
  4. jLorenzo

    Scope for ruger 10/22 16" rifle

    How do you like the Athlon? I am thinking about the 3x12 w/ mil dot for my 10/22 also.
  5. jLorenzo

    night vision for walking

    cheapest units that actual function on some level and would work for walking around paths at night for fun.
  6. jLorenzo

    night vision for walking

    Is there anything worth buying for walking around at night that isnt crazy expensive?
  7. jLorenzo

    Rifle Scopes Kahles K624i lemon?

    kind of worrisome to hear so many Kahles owners having issues. I would think for the money these thing would be squared away.
  8. jLorenzo

    Rifle Scopes Arken SH4 4-16x (surprised)

    Im close to buying one. How long did it take you to get yours? Also do you think its too chunky for an AR, could you post some pics please?
  9. jLorenzo

    Affordable Tripod + head

    Since 90% of what I'm going to be doing is rimfire right now, I decided to go with cheap stuff to see how that works. If anything I can use it for spotting equipment. Possibly will upgrade the ball head if need be but we shall see...
  10. jLorenzo

    Affordable Tripod + head

    Wanting something I can use on a farm to clear some brush watching for coyotes and also for some hobby level local matches. Was thinking of getting a Hog Saddle for now. Nothing fancy or high speed necessary but light weight+semi robust would be nice...
  11. jLorenzo

    Affordable Tripod + head

    15 and 17 lbs.
  12. jLorenzo

    Affordable Tripod + head

    Bumping to see if anyone else has any recomendations. For what Im going to do (plink over tall grass at a farm) spending a ton doesnt make sense but it does need to hold the weight of a rifle.
  13. jLorenzo

    The AR15 Picture Thread

    Sweet rifle. Is that a Knights charging handle?
  14. jLorenzo

    The AR15 Picture Thread

    Thanks. Any input on a setup like that? If you could do it again would you? My feeling is that most of my shooting is off a bipod or tripod, unless I am shooting a local PRS match so the extra size shouldn't matter.
  15. jLorenzo

    Anyone have experience with N150?

    I am new to Vitavouhri powder and grabbed some N150 after reading the descriptions of the powders that were in stock. Said it was good for .308 with heavy bullets. I am planning on running 175s but also have some new 169 smks to try, only 100 though. Just wondering if 175s are considered heavy...
  16. jLorenzo

    The AR15 Picture Thread

    Anyone have pics of an 18" AR15 with a optic that has a 34mm main tube and 50mm objective? Im trying to get an idea of what it will look like (stupid and cosmetic I know)
  17. jLorenzo

    Arken Optics Waiting Game

    I love the reticle on the gen II 4x16 and basically everything else about it. My only gripe (and it is basically nit picking), does a 34mm tube with a 50mm objective seem a little large and ungainly for an SPR type rifle? I like the extra elevation you get from the larger tube but 50mm seems to...