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    Reloading Equipment New Winchester .243 Brass

    120 pieces new Winchester .243 brass $70 shipped. I'll accept Paypal friends & family or a money order. Thanks for looking. Craig
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    Bullet seating depth question

    I have an issue thst has been driving me nuts lately. When seating .30 cal SMKs, I load to the max length of my FN SPR's internal magazine, or 2.840". Anyway, due to meplat inconsistancy, I am constantly adjusting my seating die to keep COL the same. I know that doing so breaks the consistency...
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    Post count reset?

    I have been a member since Nov of 2011 but don't post very often. However, I did yestetday and noticed that my post count was listed as 1. Does the post count reset if you don't post in a certain amount of time?
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    Not new, but have a question...

    I joined the Hide in Nov of 2011 and don't post very often, but did today. For some reason my post count is now 1. Does the count reset if you don't post in a certain amount of time?
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    Rifle Scopes Vortex Viper PST 1x4 Deal

    I went to look at at Vortex Viper PST 1x4 the other day with the intent of just looking at it since it had an MOA reticle and I was looking for the MILRAD one. As I was looking at it I mentioned to the sales associate that I couldn't see the illuminated reticle below the number 6 setting. He...