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    Reloading Equipment WTT--1500 .224 75 ELDM, Same Lot

    As stated, not for sale at this time. I love these, but need some 6mm.... Trades, in preferred order, all minimum of 1K, same lot. Ratio depending on what you have and what we can work out. 1. Berger 6mm 105 Hyb 2. Sierra TMK 6mm 95gn 3. Sierra MK 6mm 95gn If the deal is right, up to...
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    Accessories 2x 34mm Rings: 1x Seekins 1.26" X-High & 1x Vortex Low--$115 each

    Like new. Seekins X-High: $115 shipped. Seekins Rings Vortex Lows: $115 Shipped ZY
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    WTB Found—thx--105 Hyb--Support for New Shooter?

    So, here goes. New shooter--I will call him MB. I met him at his first match a few months ago--super guy, retired Army, fell in love with the sport--and just the kind of guy you enjoy having on your squad. He has now jumped into reloading, shooting 6 Creed, dialing in loads, etc. His wife...
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    Prime 144gn 6.5 Creed--Quick Field Report

    Just some quick results; Team Prime came through and we had some 144 (Peterson Brass/Sierra bullet) for my wife's rifle...a short range session, but here is the down and dirty. - Hawk Hill 26" chambered by Area 419 - A couple quick 3 round groups to confirm zero (these are shots 1-6) --...
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD--Most of 8lb jug RL16--FTF in VA (Ricmond to VA beach)

    Reloader 16 $170--6.9lbs net in an 8 lb jug. Kept in my climate controlled reloading room. ZY
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    Accessories TBAC BA Brakes--$85 shipped

    Team, Love my TBACs...too many can/rifle/brake combos...making the jump to 419 Hellfire mounts. Post/PM me the #number of the brake you want, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle.... - 3x BA Brakes--$85 each shipped. The photo shows the break, the approx number of rounds and what peel washer/portion of peel...
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    6 BRA--1:8?

    Team, Is anyone ACTUALLY running 6 BRA/105 Hyb in a 1:8? Looking for real-world feedback. I know most run 1:7.5. I just happen to have 2x good 1:8 blanks. And, I know I won't know for sure until I try it...just hoping by chance some others have tried it. - I have seen in other forums...
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    Accessories SPF--Mc3 Rem SA Stock--Legend Deluxe DBM

    New in box, with 3 extra MDT polymer mags; 1x Black, 3x FDE. $399 shipped to your door. Possible trades at bottom... ZY Possible trades +/- cash; - Lapua Center-X - SK Standard+ - Older CCI SV in the dark blue box - Berger 105 Hybrid (same lot >500) - ELD-M 140 (same lot >500) - Hawk...
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    Rimfire Sold—LSS-22 Chassis--CZ452 Cerekote FDE--$225 TYD

    $225 shipped. As new, action mounted once, never left the house. Looks just like new...includes mounting screws and swivel stud. Top of rail (factory) threaded for NV bridge. I have a LH 452 and was going to cut a left hand bolt slot...decided to keep it in that pretty walnut stock. For...
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    Accessories WTB--Take off Rem 700 308--heavy barrel/varmint blued--old school

    In a moment of haste, had my original 1980's deep blue barrel cut to 16.5.....makes me a little sad. Nice deep blue receiver with jeweled bolt, hoping to bring her back to her old glory. Looking for a nice deep blue, very good condition, 22-24" barrel. Please PM me what you have... ZY
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    Reloading Equipment 200 Lapua 6 BR 2x--Sold

    - All Same Lot-- 4PH6046 - SS Tumbled - AMP Annealed, then walnut tumbled - Note: Base just above extractor groove is .4765--very consistent -- When I resize these for my 6 BRA, my Whidden 6 BRA #3D die is a bit tighter than I prefer on the base -- It works, just more force than I prefer...
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    Accessories Kestrel HUD--Sold

    As new in box, all paperwork, rail mount, bag, battery, etc. Has never left the house. This DOES NOT have a remote cable. I have only had this a few weeks....but my old-ish eyes just can't focus well on the screen that close. Guess I will need to keep using my sidewinder out on the forend. ZY
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    Firearms Seekins 25% off coupon--Free--and its gone to The Hun

    Seekins has some great gear and does a lot to support shooters, it's appreciated. I have a 25% of anything coupon, expires 1 July 20. First to PM me their address can have it....I just wont use it in time. ZY
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    Left Hand Sale LH Nucleus Action--All sold

    Hi, - LH Nucleus "Gen 1" in top shape, .473 bolt face (i.e 308), trigger pins -- 16, 19 and 25 lb spring set...running the 19 with no issues -- Action Wrench - PVA 6BRA pre-fit w/barrel nut; 26", 1: 7.5, Heavy Palma, threaded 5/8-24 -- Less than 400 rounds, shoots very well--see seating test...
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    Accessories TWINS--2x PROOF SS .243/6mm Blanks, 1:8--$580

    No wait, save some $$, get the pair now for the season: $580 shipped. - .243/6mm - 30 LENGTH - 8 TWIST - SS, HEAVY PALMA, - 1.25 BREECH Possible trades - >1K Hornady 140 ELD-M , same lot +/- cash depending on quantity ZY
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    She gone...... No expiration date. I will send hard copy of cert. ZY
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    Boyds Laminate Pro Varmit NIB--Axis Stock--SOLD

    So...ordered the wrong one. Only out of the box to take a picture...cost me almost twice as much. Forrest Green camo laminate and laser engraved Deer head on side. $100 + $10 shipping (basically split shipping, est $20 to ship). ZY
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    Kahles 624I SKMR3, LSW, $SPF shipped.

    In tip top shape, original box and all packaging. Only mark I can see are a few light scratches on the bottom of the illumination knob--see pic (other stuff is lint).
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    mrobles3808 is a guy to do business with

    Nice easy transaction, no drama, great comms. ZY
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    Accessories WTS--Auto Trickler "V2 Parts Kit"--$38 shipped

    Used very little, these are the parts left over after the V2 to V3 conversion. Would make a great spare parts kit....all items in photo included. ZY