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  1. autorotate19

    SOLD American Rifle Company M10 35mm 1.10” Rings

    American Rifle Company M10 35mm 1.10” height rings. In great shape only had them a couple months with not much use. $160 shipped
  2. autorotate19

    SOLD Bravo Company Factory Take Off 11.5” 5.56 Upper

    Approximately 100 rounds fired Bravo Company Factory Built 11.5” 5.56 upper. This started out as a factory pistol Recce 11.5 MCMR. I will attach a link to the actual gun that it came from. Photos show a cherry bomb muzzle device but I will ship it with the original BCM muzzle device. Bolt...
  3. autorotate19

    SOLD Coletac Ammo Novel

    Coletac Ammo Novel. Holds 120 rounds 308 to 6BR size cartridge. $80 obo shipped
  4. autorotate19

    SOLD Accurate Mag 300 Win 5 round 3.850”

    Like new Accurate Mag 300 Win 5 round 3.850” Magazine $70 shipped
  5. autorotate19

    Accessories AI AW .308 Magazine

    Used but in good condition Accuracy International AW Magazine. $60 shipped
  6. autorotate19

    SOLD Nightforce 30mm Low Rings

    Nightforce 30mm low rings. Lightweight aluminum. $150 obo shipped
  7. autorotate19

    SOLD Heathen 5 Port 6mm Muzzle Brake

    Barely used Insite Arms Heathen 5 port muzzle brake for 6mm threaded 5/8x24. $175 obo shipped
  8. autorotate19

    SOLD Reduced! EC Tuner

    Tapered EC Tuner Reduced $100 shipped
  9. autorotate19

    SOLD Kahles 1-6 SM1 Reptilia Aus Mount

    Like new Kahles 1-6 SM1 Reticle. Like new, mounted, zeroed and has been in the safe since. If your not familiar with this scope look it up. Huge eye box and some of the best European glass out there! Comes with original box etc... Mounted in the new Reptilia Clear Anodized Aus Mount. I would...
  10. autorotate19

    SOLD Manners EH1A Stock Impact Short Action TS Customs Pillars and Bedding Block

    Like new Manner EH1A Swamp Color Stock for Impact 737 Short Action. Inlet for Proof Sendero Barrel.Has the TS Customs Pillars and bedding block installed, came direct from Impact. Uses either Hunter or standard Hawkins Bottom Metal. Flush cups on the left side with Atlas Bipod Rail on the...
  11. autorotate19

    SOLD Ckye Pod Standard Arca Mount

    Standard Length Single Pull Ckye Pod with Arca Mount. Used at a few matches but works well and in good condition. Comes with original box etc..... $450 shipped
  12. autorotate19

    SOLD Hornady Precision Hunter 6.5 Creedmoor 143 ELDX

    4 20 round boxes of Hornady Precision Hunter 6.5 Creedmoor 143 ELDX factory ammo. All the same lot. No sales to CA. $240 shipped
  13. autorotate19

    Reloading Equipment Redding 6.5-284 Full Length Dies

    Barely used Redding 6.5-284 Full Length Dies. $68 shipped Thanks for looking
  14. autorotate19

    SOLD Berger 215 Hybrids 30 cal

    4 boxes of 100 count Berger 30 cal 215 grain hybrid bullets. Still in the cellophane. I would like to sell them all to the same person. $85 per box shipped Thanks for looking
  15. autorotate19

    SOLD Eotech EXPS-0 Tan Sight

    Like new Eotech EXPS3-0 Tan Sight. Mounted, zeroed and that’s it like new. Comes with original box and papers. I accept discreet paypal F&F, cash app or Venmo. $600 shipped Thanks
  16. autorotate19

    SOLD Tactical Brass Recovery AR Brass Catcher

    Brand new Operator STD Length Ar-15/10 Brass catcher. Bought this and never used it. Comes with all original instructions/ paperwork. All Black color fits most AR’s. If you reload for your AR this will save your a lot of time and your back picking up brass. $220 shipped
  17. autorotate19

    SOLD 6mm Creedmoor Berger 95gr Classic Hunter Factory Ammo Lapua Brass!!!!

    300 rounds of Berger Factory Loaded 6mm Creedmoor 95gr Berger Classic Hunter ammo. Would prefer to sell it all of it to one person. I have a fedex account so I can give you an idea how much shipping is before hand. $50.00 per box you pay shipping Thanks
  18. autorotate19

    SOLD Zero Compromise 4-20x50mm Impact 2 Reticle

    ZCO 4-20x50mm Scope with Imact 2 Reticle. Scope is in good condition. There is some light ring marks and minor cosmetic finish blemishes on the scope body. Glass is perfect. Will come with American Rifle Company Rings, original box etc.. and AAD Mount flip up covers. $3,400 obo shipped you pay...
  19. autorotate19

    SOLD Berger Bullets 6mm 105gr

    SOLD I have 10 boxes of 100ct Berger 6mm 105gr Bt target bullets part #24428. With tax I have around $63 per box invested. I would prefer to sell 500 each. $335 per 500 shipped to continental US Thanks for looking
  20. autorotate19

    Optics SOLD

    Hi I have a like new Zero Compromise 4-20 Impact 2 reticle. I would like to trade for a 5-27 with the same reticle. I would be willing to add $ cash. I'll sell it for $3300 shipped and insured. Thanks