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  1. TurdFerguson

    WTB M24 Ammo pouch/Ok webber flash hider

    WTB an m24 ammo pouch, condition not a big deal. Also looking for flash hiders.
  2. TurdFerguson

    Richmond VA?

    Looking at a forester position in Richmond VA. Don’t have to live in Richmond, but main office is there. Is it a semi decent area? Small towns on the outskirts ok? Any recommendations of places to live within 45 minutes?
  3. TurdFerguson

    SOLD Leupold Mk4 Steel rings Medium Height 70.00 Plus Shipping

    To short for my ring/scope combo. Placed on rifle, never torqued, closed. Rings are basically brand new and correct for an M24 build.
  4. TurdFerguson

    Medium Ring help?

    Stupid question. Is there any way to fix this? I'd like to use the correct mark 4 rings on my m24 but it looks they do not play nicely with a 50 mm obj scope. However my low end Warne Rings evidently do. The warnes are about 0.236in taller. I am trying to decide if I should just buy a set of...
  5. TurdFerguson

    Reloading Equipment New Winchester 3006 Brass 27+shipping

    BNIB winchester 3006 brass. Selling for what Midway USA sells it for. 50 pieces.
  6. TurdFerguson

    Accessories 1903 Smooth Buttplate+Screws

    Late 1903 smooth buttplate, unmarked not pitted or deformed. Needs cleaned. 30+shipping
  7. TurdFerguson

    SOLD MPA Ultra Light Chassis parts

    Basically everything minus the chassis. Buttpad, cheek rest, grip seem to be unused. Includes everything pictured. Purchased at auction never found the chassis so I have no use for it. Stock Screws have some minor surface rust, soaking in CLP now. 100.00+shipping for everything.
  8. TurdFerguson

    SOLD Ultra High Badger Ordinance 30mm Scope rings

    WTS a good set of Badger Rings. Minor scratch see picture. 75.00+shipping.
  9. TurdFerguson

    Optics WTB 30mm Leupold Mark 4 medium steel rings

    Need a set of medium rings. Let me know what you have.
  10. TurdFerguson

    SOLD R700P 308 5R barrel

    New generation 700P with 5r barrel and tactical bolt handle. I had the bolt Jeweled to smooth up the action. Action was Cerokoted black. Bolt timing is good. Older 90's 40x police trigger. Includes Warne 20 moa base Upgraded the floor plate and action screws. Floor plate is made by red hawk...
  11. TurdFerguson

    Lighter Muzzle Brake

    Looking to shave some ounces, currently have a TRG 30 cal brake on a tikka. What are some lighter weight alternatives? Mainly used to protect threads/crown but also enjoy the benefits of a brake.
  12. TurdFerguson

    Bike Packers, any of you use a frame pack?

    Looking for a frame pack so I can take a lighter pack on biking trips. I like the REI Link frame pack. Anyone got any better suggestions to go with my bike?
  13. TurdFerguson

    US Optics TS 1-6x24 scopes?

    Any good or are they junk? Eurooptic is blowing them out and I might drop one on my standard hunting rifle. 6X would be plenty out to 400, least I think so. Worth the risk? I know they make good stuff but really aren't discussed anymore on here.
  14. TurdFerguson

    what length Centurion C4 Rail on a Tikka Tac A1?

    Ordered one of these standard AR barrel nut mounts from from Midwest Gun works (look at the link) for the Tikka Tac A1's. If my math and scale was right I will be going from 1.6 oz with the factory set up to 1.1 oz (plus or minus some change) with the CMR Mlock in a 12 inch. Rifle is currently...
  15. TurdFerguson

    Killed my harris bipod. Send it for repair or.......

    I tripped with my harris bipod legs extended and fucked one of the legs. The lever that goes into the notches on the legs is stripped on the right leg. Bipod has some sentimental value to it. I'm wondering if I should send it in for repair or just try to find a busted bipod and steal a leg from...
  16. TurdFerguson

    Tikka Tac A1 hand guard swap

    Looking changing the handguard for a lighter BCM Mlock KMR rail. They are lighter than the factory Tikka handguard. I know the factory is not changeable however I found this at Midwest Gunworks Tikka Tac A1 Ar barrel nut. Anyone have one of these? Does the barrel nut thread on and off?
  17. TurdFerguson

    Struggling to see details through my scope.

    I don't know if it's from my type 1 diabetes, bad luck or I just don't know what I am doing. I am using a Leupold VX3I LR 4.5-14 power scope. I usually shoot the small target dots (see picture) at 100 yards. At 14 power I cannot see the black centers, it almost like a shadow on a solid orange...
  18. TurdFerguson

    Reloading Equipment 6mm/243 Sierra Bullets

    New unopened 100 round boxes. Various weights. Selling them for what they cost online. 30.00 per box plus shipping.
  19. TurdFerguson

    Stupid question about mirage bands

    Are mirage bands still useful on chassis rifles with ar style handguards? Took the tikka tac a1 out the weekend and after being in the sun for a while, mirage started to be an annoyance. Would it be work while to get band? Or just use some rail mlock rail covers on top of the handguard? 20 inch...
  20. TurdFerguson

    T3X brake recomendations?

    Want to put a brake on Tikka t3x, recoil not a major issue, more to protect the crown. Looked at a VG6 Gamma 308 brake at a local shop and would not thread on. Are the Tikka's metric?