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    With so many options out there, where or who should I start talking to in order to prepare for an Alaskan Hunt. On the list would be a bear (either black or brown), caribou, or a moose OR some combination of those. Icing on the cake would also be a wolf. Feel free to share experiences both good...
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    Range Report Prime 6.5 SAUM Factory Ammo

    Did anyone pick this up from Target Sports? If so, did you find it to be suitable practice ammo? Thinking about buying a case.
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    Suppressors Purchased suppressor from out of state Dealer. Where do I transfer to in Houston?

    Hoping to pull from the collective knowledge here. Today I bought a new can from an out of state dealer. No problem there, however when I touched base with a familiar dealer local to me-I was quoted $200 for the can to be Form 3’d to them and another $200 for them to help prepare the Form 4...
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    MCS EH1 LOP too short. Aftermarket fix?

    As the title states the LOP on my EH1 is too short. I’ve done the Google Fu of accessories which covers everything from an adding an extra recoil pad to repurposing the “shotgun” style extenders. A couple of questions: The LOP on my sporting clays Gun is 16”. Should it be the same for my...
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    Remington 700 “G” Prefix

    I’ve seen the “G” prefix noted when people are discussing their Remington 700 actions but rarely see any other prefixes mentioned. Is the “G” series special? If so, why? Thanks
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    Gunsmithing Rechamber 6.5x47 to 6.5 Creedmoor?

    I’ve got a 6.5x47 Lapua barrel that I’m thinking about having rechambered given the factory ammo offerings. Can any competent gunsmith do this? Is there a downside to rechambering? Would it be better performance wise to have a Creedmoor barrel spun up? What say the hide?
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    Suppressors Surefire Socom68?

    I’ve found a fantastic deal on one of these and think it might be worth a shot. Any real world users?
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    Suppressors YHM Turbo?

    Anyone have real world experience with these on a semi-auto? I’m not expecting unbelievable performance, but for the price point to put on an SBR host it seems tempting.
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    Suppressors Hunting w/Suppressor in New Mexico

    I’m a TX resident and will be traveling to New Mexico for a Pronghorn hunt next week. My understanding is that A) it’s legal to hunt in NM w/a suppressor and B) There used to be an ATF requirement regarding notification of transporting a suppressor across state lines but this is no longer the...
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    Gunsmithing "Re-Stocking" an existing rifle or inlet for DBM

    I have a 6.5 SAUM that I purchased 2nd hand and I love the rifle but not a fan of the lack of DBM. Existing stock is a Manners EH-3 I believe, with a hinged floor plate. In order to get DBM, can Manners inlet and install OR am I better off getting a whole new stock? Anyone gone the route of...
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    Hunting & Fishing What is your go to knife in the field?

    Like the title states, I've had Boker/Buck/Spyderco/Benchmade-just seems like I keep buying a new knife every two to three years. Looking for suggestions on a skinning knife and gutting knife. Budget would be $500 total. Thanks
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    Where to find Classes/Training-Houston

    I posted this in the stupid marksmanship section, however I thought I would post here as well. I've shot AR's in the past and before I go buy one, I thought it might be smart to take some classes or get some training in how to properly drive one in order to make a smart buying decision. Anyone...
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    AR Classes Houston

    anyone have a bead on where I can take some courses (in/around Houston) on how to properly drive an AR? I have very little experience with semi-auto rifles . Any direction is appreciated.
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    Hunting & Fishing 143 eld x

    There was an old thread on Scout regarding the efficacy of the ELD-X and I wanted to revive it here. Last year I bought a GAP 6.5 SAUM and had Copper Creek load up some of these. A month after I received, I was invited on a doe culling mission in S. TX. I shot three does and a pig, so the bullet...