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    Rimfire WTS RimX prefit barrel Bison Tactical Benchmark 18”

    Check the Bison Tactical website for full details.Shoots sk match, standard and centerX well, just need more lenght. Rub mark from takeoff. Couple bricks through it. $600 shipped. Paypal friend venmo zelle
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    Accessories Wts MDT folding adapter carbine to carbine

    $100 shipped perfect condtion. paypal friend , zelle, venmo
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    Accessories Wts Bugeye scope turret magnifier

    Out of stock on Loved it -4x glass for bad eyes. Fits a 34mm tube. ( i have one set of Larue 34 to 30mm inserts i can add for $20) My New scopes have big numbers. I have 2. 1. has the box and the longer rod- which i never used. $110 shipped - sold 2. no long rod or box. $100 shipped
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    Reloading Equipment WTS Powder FTF Denver

    Stuff I don't use anymore. Could help someone desperate.XMR 4350-5lb, RL17-2lb, IMR 7977-1lb, IMR4320-3lb, Clays-8lb. $30 a lb for the rifle. $160 for the Clays. FTF in Denver area (I'm SE) cash.
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    Optics WTS SLX Gen3 5x Prism

    Never mounted, brand new. $280 shipped paypal friend.
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    Accessories WTS SLX Gen 3 5X Prism New in Box

    Never mounted. $280 shipped. Paypal friend
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    Accessories WTS Wheeler Delta Series AR-15 Upper Vise Block

    Never used. $27 shipped paypal friend.
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    Motorized mover

    Does anyone make a mover like the Caldwell shooting gallery? There are plenty of targets for it out there ,just no units. I saw in a longrange addicts podcast they had 2 at the NRL finale. One was a yeti, I would love to have that. My match has the Caldwell one, but I never get to practice it...
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    Accessories WTB MPA hybrid

    Let me know what you have, I have a BA Comp on a Vudoo I'm selling,it's bedded for it.(I'll sell you a Vudoo too lol). I could trade that. Don't need a folder, i already have a spare. Needs to fit a Rem 700 SA or a BigHorn RimXThanks
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    Accessories WTS Outdoorsman Bino adapter short

    Like new. 3.5 in. version.Paypal friend. $50 shipped
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    Accessories WTS RRS Compact B&T Clamp adapter lever release- price drop $100

    Normal wear- works perfectly. I switched bipods. $100 shipped paypal friend.
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    Reloading Equipment WTS Redding 6.5 Creedmoor dies

    Redding Steel FL, Micrometer seater. I also have a type s neck sizer.Neck sizer is sku 71446 with a .288 bushing. The FL and Seater are in a set 66446 which they don't market anymore. Can do them all shipped for $130. Paypal friend
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    Reloading Equipment WTS Forster 30-06 Neck bushing/shoulder bump kit

    comes with .330 .332 .333. 334 bushings . $50 shipped paypal friend.
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    Reloading Equipment WTS Forster 308 Win Neck bushing/shoulder bump

    With a .333 and .331 bushing ( I also have .330 .332 .334 if you are interested) $45 shipped paypal friend.
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    Accessories WTS SAS TOMB muzzle brake- 30 cal.

    Thread over muzzle brake for SAS suppressors. 2 for sale. 5/8x24 with thread protectors. $70 each shipped- will combine shipping. $130 for both. Paypal friend.
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    Optics WTS Bushnell elite tactical HDMR 3.5-21x50 Horus H-59 34mm tube .1mil

    Includes a switchview throw lever, MK machining parallax throw lever, Aadmount caps, normal wear (pictured on top turret). glass is great. $750 shipped. Paypal friend.
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    Accessories WTS Full MPA BA Comp weight kit Rem SA

    Full kit for a Rem Short Action BA Comp chassis. Bag rider 1.2lb, monopod1.0lb, front foreend 1.2lb, rear foreend 1.0 lb. All the screws. $100 shipped. Paypal friend. Pictures if you want . . Black steel.
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    help with bipod attachment

    My buddy just bought his first AR. I don't know much about setting them up. It's a nice Stag arms with a Sampson full length forearm. The bottom of the forearm has a series of holes 1 inch apart about a quarter inch in diameter. How do I attach a piece of pic rail to that?
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    Rimfire WTS 550 rds. Prime subsonic .22lr

    one brick and one box. $60 shipped. paypal friend
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    Reloading Equipment Free G9 .308 154g turned solids

    55 new plus about 25 pulls. Check out the Mile High Shooting Acc. website they are on there. Pay a small flat rate box. $7.50 paypal friend.