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    LRF Binos with 4DOF?

    I see Vortex has announced the new Fury's with AB solver. Is there any word of anyone offering a LRF Bino with 4DOF solver?
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    Range Report Prime 6.5 SAUM Factory Ammo

    would love to hear what the neck dimension is on a loaded round.
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    KRG mag fit

    thanks guys- I was hoping I was missing something like that!
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    KRG mag fit

    I was recently comparing the magazine fit between my KRG Bravo, and a buddy's X Ray. Mags don't drop freely out of my Bravo, but it's close. One of my accurate mags refuses to feed from it. The X Ray is very snug, and, while mags feed supper smooth, I can't imagine trying to wrestle mags in and...
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    Optics WTB- Sig LRF

    found one - thanks folks
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    Does anyone use a beam scale?

    Before I got my FX-120i, I had a Scott Parker tuner 10-10. I paired it with a webcam, so I could watch the needle on a screen, magnified without paralax, and it served me well. It's not as fast, but I think it's probably just as accurate.
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    Optics WTB- Sig LRF

    No worries. I have only ever used the 2200 from the Sig lineup. For the price difference, I would prefer to find another 2200, over the 1800. I figure a little extra horsepower can't hurt.
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    Optics WTB- Sig LRF

    Looking for a used Sig Kilo 2200. Somehow I've misplaced mine, and now that it's fall, I'm going nuts without it, but a new replacement isn't in the budget.. Does anyone have one sitting neglected on a shelf?
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    6.5 4s neck clearance

    I'm turning neck already. I just hadn't turned them enough. No big deal to take a second cut, but I'm just curious how far is enough. I would think 0.005 clearance would be about right.
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    6.5 4s neck clearance

    Just curiouos how much neck clearance you prefer when making 6.5 4s brass for hunting rigs? I built a rig using a PTG .081 FB/.296 neck reamer. Turns out the reamer is a touch undersized, so my fired necks are 0.294". I hadn't realized this when I prepped brass, and my loaded rounds mic .293". I...
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    Podcast topics!

    Here's a topic I could really use. I've been ut of field shooting for a long time. The last class I did was Storm Mountain, in 2000. This was back when alot of the class centered around estimating rang with a mildot, and a mildot master was the HEAT! Since then I've focussed on F/Tr, but I'm...
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    Optics WTB- 30mm rings

    still looking- even Leupold prw or qrw lows would work
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    Optics WTB- 30mm rings

    I'm looking for up to three sets of low or super low 30mm rings. Prefer TPS super low alum, but othes considered. Used is prefered, and cosmetics are not a concern.
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    Optics found one

    found one- thanks guys
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    .22-250 w/ 1-9"

    I picked up an older Rem 700 with a no name 1-9" sporter tube on it. It's got a Linda Lovelace throat, that puts a berger 75 VLD barely in the case to get to the lands. I have 75 amax and vld, and a few 69 smks. I mostly picked this up out of curiosity, but would love to hear where you all...
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    180 scenars in 7 saum

    24" barrel, and a very old lot of H1000. I suspect I'll run out of room in the case before I hit preasure with this lot.
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    180 scenars in 7 saum

    Ran a quick and dirty velocity ladder with H1000 and 180 ELDs and Scenars, in virgin R-P brass. 61-64gr in 0.5 gr increments. ELDs went from 2703-2812, with no dicernable node and Scenars went 2773-2829, with nodes at 62.5-63 (2783-2787fps ) and 63.5-64 (2826-2829fps). Neither hit pressure, and...
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    Targets- episode 222

    I really like these targets for fine aiming work. The owner of Red Star is a shooter, and all around good guy. He may well be up for producing a mil based target.