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    1-8 Brownells MPO

    Is there any word on whether these are still going to be released? Because a 1-8x with FO and a decent reticle is what I'd be interested in.
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    Night Vision Kosher Surplus GTG? / Contact here?

    They're fine. Actually spoke at some length with Benny at SHOT 2020.
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    Thinking out loud, a reticle for the OEM crew

    I can understand the logic having a royalty fee for an official "SnipersHide Christmas Special" branded reticle, but if you want to really change the industry, you're better off coming up with some exceptional reticles and then just licensing them out royalty-free.
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    Rifle Scopes Best LPVO for ~$450?

    Burris RT-6 and Viper PST Gen II (refurb) are the best LPVOs worth using in that price range.
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    Help with vortex razor gen 3 1-10

    I would have liked to have seen the BDC reticle use MRAD at the bottom, but that's really nitpicking.
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    Help with vortex razor gen 3 1-10

    It's always worthwhile to run some numbers through Strelok Pro to evaluate whether a BDC reticle is going to work for you. I built my entire rifle and ammo around the Gen3's BDC, and, surprise, it works great for me. Some people forget that's an option, and it's not necessarily a terrible one...
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    2021 optic release?

    Sig just released their 2021 catalog: Total bloodbath in terms of their scope line. Tango6T line is down to four reticles, Tango6 is only the 5-30x DEV-L MOA/MRAD, and the Whiskey5 line is entirely gone. Even the Tango4 line has been severely pared back...
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    Why the hate for leupold ?

    Or tactical shooters or competition shooters. The question is, who's setting the tone for what the "average guy" market thinks is cool? Is buying off Tim Kennedy and sending free review samples to magazines fewer and fewer people read really going to be enough in the long-term, compared to...
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    Rifle Scopes Sig bdx scopes worth a dang for hunting scopes?

    Philippine glass. Would not bother with it if you're not using the LRF, the Vortex Viper PST GenII and Sig Tango4 are both superior options in that use case. If he really is going to use the BDX LRF like the scope is meant to be used with... maybe it's a good choice.
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    LPVO w/ offset red dot, why?

    Looks like a newer Fab Defense.
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    Why the hate for leupold ?

    If I were a hunter, I probably wouldn't hate them as much. They do have light scopes, and being lightweight does seem like a virtue in that application. I could maybe even see them being usable for longer-range shooting. As a tactical/3gun guy, what I think of with Leupold is: 1. VX-5 / VX-6...
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    Rifle Scopes Bushnell ET18524 SMRSR 1-8.5x24 BTR-2

    I have 3D printed ones on mine that I printed myself. I had to bevel the edges slightly to make them more comfortable to use, and they're a bit chunky, but they work as far as I can tell. If I had delusions of 3gunning with one, I'd spring for the Switchview, but for just general purpose...
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    LPVO w/ offset red dot, why?

    In my much more limited experience, there are also not a lot of local matches forcing you to go near/far immediately between arrays due to space constraints, at least anywhere near an urban area.
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    LPVO w/ offset red dot, why?

    The Leupold D-EVO works using this principle, and it's astonishingly fast to get on target as a result. (Obviously, that's only 6x.)
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    LPVO w/ offset red dot, why?

    I run offset red dots with a couple of my LPVOs as combination backup sights / quick transition 1x. I would argue that the primary issue with using a 2-12x or 3-18x with an offset red dot as the primary 1x solution is really practicality, at least if your use case involves being at 1x 75% or...
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    1-8 Brownells MPO

    This is definitely the big question for me. I am personally skeptical; the reticle does not look like it's fiber optic based on the floating dot design, and JOL's previous scopes haven't really impressed in this area. I don't know why these manufacturers keep insisting on going halfway with what...
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    LaserWorks LE-032 Riflescope Mounted Rangefinder

    That's pretty neat! Has anyone reached out to them to talk about what the riflescope market is looking for? I agree with the crowd that the market is ripe for a new SiCo Radius-style LRF at the $500-$1000 price point. (Actually, now I'm wondering why Sig hasn't released one...)
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    Sig customer service

    I've had very good luck with Sig CS, too. Replaced a Romeo4 cap that went AWOL, a Juliet4 scope cap that broke, and a Tango6 3-18x that had some issues with the turret locking. They don't have the fastest email response times ever, but they do get to you in a reasonable manner. I will say that...
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    sub 500$ red dot

    For $500, I'd be looking an Aimpoint PRO, Trijicon MRO, Sig Romeo4/6/8, or Vortex UH-1 Gen2 depending on your particular parameters. You have a lot of good options at that price point, much more so than the < $300 crew.
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    Trijicon Tenmile 5-50x56 Vs Vortex Gen II 4.7-27x56

    I have shot out to 1200yds and found that 30x was too much (gotta spot your misses!). Gonna say that 50x doesn't seem worthwhile, especially since huge magnification like that tends to come at an optical cost.