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    YouTube Channels

    Not a YouTube per se, but Panteao does a great job making movie quality “infomercials” that play well on many platforms.
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    Rifle builders in Georgia?

    Whidden does nice work for a reasonable price. Quick turnaround.
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    338 LM Options?

    The most economical choice is a single shot with multiple bolts. A BAT M with two bolts and two barrels could be bedded into a McMillan stock for probably $4500ish. It does require a vise for barrel changes, but can be done easily in 10 minutes without removing from the stock. Based on your...
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    K-Bars Ultralight self defense blade for female runner i have one of these in my bag. It’s pretty sturdy for what it is..
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    Thinking about switching to 155 scenar

    I’ve had good luck with Lapua brass, 155’s and CFE223. Those things hit hard at 2900fps! 23” barrel.
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    RL 26 / Large Rifle Primers - what caliber for this combo?

    People have had decent luck with RL26 in 6.5 creedmoor. Probably easiest place to start.
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    Member Link Up Places to shoot near Shaw AFB SC.

    Panteao range is 600, soon to be 800yds. Good people, fair price.
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    Lapua 6.5 creedmoor LRP Brass Flash Hole Question

    The LRP has a standard flash hole.
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    Action for a 37XC

    As far as I know they are all single shot in the M size and larger. I appreciate this as magazines available for longer cartridges are limiting. For example, I shoot a .338 Lapua that the OAL is nearly 4” to have as little bullet in the case as possible. This would not feed from a magazine...
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    Action for a 37XC

    BAT Machine. They make some gigantic actions, but an M may work. McMillan inlets for them.
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    Custom Whidden Dies: experiences ordering based off reamer print vs fired brass

    I’m not sure how they calculated the correct undersize for my dies. I didn’t specify. They chambered the rifle with my reamer and the supplied print. It’s possible they measured the actual reamer. I don’t think they fired the rifle to get brass to measure. They sent the rifle back with the...
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    Custom Whidden Dies: experiences ordering based off reamer print vs fired brass

    I had some 30-338 Lapua dies made from the print. I’ve never measured anything on them but I can say they work perfectly. I’ve resized the same brass several times without excessive growth, pressure, clicks on extraction, etc. I think the Whidden customer service is better than most. Perhaps...
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    Hornady American Gunner 6.5 CM factory measurements

    have you tried this with IMR4451?
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    Free movies to stream?

    If you have Amazon Prime there's thousands of free movies included in Prime Video.
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    Need a rail plus rings for a ZCO 5 to 27. Suggestions?

    I needed a 40 MOA rail to get full range from my ZCO.
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    Co-AX, RCBS Or Redding T7?

    At least the above ones hold their value well. Any should be good enough to start. Try one and sell it if you hate it. More likely, you will have several before it's over with. You can't go wrong with any Dillon. I just like the size of the 650/750 for rifle case processing. here's a video...
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    Rifle Scopes Official Zero Compromise Optic News & Updates

    About 22 Mils with Audere medium rings and 20 MOA rail.
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    Co-AX, RCBS Or Redding T7?

    I have several of the ones mentioned above. I think the Dillon 650 should be considered, even if you use it as a single stage at first. Mine is great for rifle case processing. Huge time saver. Add a case feeder and it's unbeatable for speed, even for simple things like priming cases.
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    Rifle Scopes ZCO 527 long term review

    I just received my ZCO 527 from MKM. The Audere mounts are robust and seem to be very high quality. I have several SB PM2’s and Spuhr mounts. The ZCO seems to be an upgrade from the SB. The Audere mounts seem to be just as refined, but a better value than the Spuhr. Tyler provided great...