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    Firearms Pre-2014 Accuracy International AX338

    This rifle is in like new condition. All original factory spec with a 27" 338 Lapua Magnum barrel. AX338 was improved upon AWM338 by using a CIP length 338 magazine to accommodate 300 grain bullets; there barrel twist was changed to 1:9.375" as well. These specs are identical to later version...
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    SOLD Excellent SWFA HD 5-20

    Scope in excellent condition (see photos). Non illuminated version. Not used much and would like to free some fund. $950 shipped/insured. SOLD
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    SOLD Norma 300 WSM brass

    I have 200 pc of new Norma 300 Winchester Short Magnum brass for sale. I will take $185 for 100 pc shipped/insured, or $350 for 200 pc. (SOLD). Please send me your cell# if you want to see some photos. Thanks for looking.
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    Accessories New AXMC 338 Norma Mag barrel; cosmetic defects

    I have a unfired AXMC 338 barrel in FDE. Threaded in M18x1.5. It's been taken off a new rifle and had surface marks as shown in the photos. It doesn't have a future with me (to shoot it) so it’s up for grab. $650 shipped to you. This is about $250 discount from a new barrel sold by...
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    A5M XP is the last and the ultimate version in the FN SPR series. It has a 20" chrome-lined, heavily fluted bull barrel chambered in 308 Win. Muzzle is threaded 5/8x24. It got a 20MOA scope base, which I believe was made by NightForce (from google search). The original factory target showed a...
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    Using an AI AX/AT barrel in an AE

    My understanding is that AX/AT barrels can be retrofit into an AE rifle. I would like to hear from someone who has actually done it. -Is the AX/AT barrel well seated and stable inside the recoil lug channel, without being supported by the straight tenon portion of an AE barrel? -Is accuracy...
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    SOLD ***SPF*** Short Action Customs Alpha 11 (308) in Manners PSR1 w/ mini chassis)

    Excellent rifle. I bought it from another Hider member to convert to a 6.5 rifle but the project never got started. The barrel is a Bartlein 11:25t with blended APA Little bastard brake; round count less than 800 according to the original owner. Current trigger is a Jewell (I also have a...
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    SOLD ***SPF*** Schmidt Bender PMII 12-50x56 P4F (price reduced)

    New scope. Crystal clear image at 50x. Most of these scopes are MOA and second focal. This scope is FFP and has Mil (0.25CM) turrets. These 12-50 scopes are designed for precision shooting. $2650 shipped. SPF PayPal preferred. I got many questions on trade. Trade/partial trade may be...
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    Accessories ***SPF***Surefire muzzle brake for SR25

    New; never installed. $110 shipped. PayPal preferred due to the pandemic; friends option or Merchandise plus 3.5%.
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    Accessories ***SPF*** Magpul Gen3 PRS stocks for AR

    I have two new PRS stocks. One was put on a rifle then detached (felt out of balanced on my light weight AR15). they should be ideal for a target AR rifle or an AR10. $195 shipped each. PayPal preferred due to the pandemic; friends option or Merchandise plus 3.5%.
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    Accessories ***SOLD*** Jewell trigger for Winchester 70/FN SPR rifles

    This trigger is adjustable from 1.5 oz to 3.5 lb, and super smooth like the typical Jewell trigger. The factory Winchester trigger can be adjusted be 3 lb but at this setting it wouldn't pass drop test. It will usually slam fire at 2.5 lb. I adjusted this trigger to 8 oz and can bounce it on...
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    Optics Anyone has a "correct" 10x42 scope for a SSG 69?

    As the title says. The current scope on the rifle is a 6x42; want to make the images a little large for my not-getting-any-younger eyes. I think the candidate scopes include Kahles ZF69/84/95, Swarovski ZFM, and Hensoldt 10x42. Thanks
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    Accessories ***ALL SOLD***Accuracy International branded Schmidt Bender PMII 5-25 DT scope windage turret cap

    I have several of these AI caps made for SB PM2 5-25 scopes. Got them through a special order from Europe. They were for military contract SB 5-25 that were all made in CW direction. No SB PM2 5-25 were ever made for military contract with CCW turrets so these AI caps are all in CW direction...
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    Accessories ***SOLD*** Accuracy International AICS chassis FDE color

    Excellent condition chassis for R700 SA footprints. Magazine well, trigger housing, and bolt handle groove all in the original configurations and not modified. It got the improved viper skins with wider forehand grip and thumb rest, and were made with more durable polymer material. $800...
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    Firearms ***SPF*** Winchester M70 Stealth 308 w/ upgrades (Price reduced!)

    Win 70 Stealth were heavy barrel marksman rifles for police/LE market and target shooters before FN bought the Winchester brand and developed the SPR series, which were essentially identical guns. The main difference is that Stealth barrels were not chrome lined. This rifle has been heavily...
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    Firearms Unfired Accuracy International AW kit with serial# 10000

    This is a collectable piece for an AI aficionado. It's kept in the original condition as it came from the factory. This rifle was made in 2006 and hasn't been fired after factory. It has an OEM bipod, 6 magazines, a serial number-matched scope mount and a new Schmidt Bender PMII 4-16 with AI...
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    Optics [Sold]. Schmidt Bender PMII 5-45x56 Tremor3

    I got this scope in a trade. I now realize that this is a too much powerful rig for doing my target shooting in the local 300 yard range. If you have the facility or the wildness to stretch out, this scope cannot be beat. $3750 shipped/insured to you. SOLD
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    Firearms Accuracy International AWM 300WM/338LM package

    This is an early version of Arctic Warfare Magnum rifle currently hosting a 300WM barrel/bolt. I only shot about 20 rounds of military M248 Mod0 ammo (FC loaded with 190 SMK bullets). It's a 0.5MOA rifle. $6850 (SPF) for the package, which includes: -A 338 bolt body (new); -A 338 Lapua...
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    Optics ***SOLD*** Two new Nikon FX1000 Black 6-24x50 MRAD/FFP scopes

    New scopes. They were put on rifles that were never shot. These are illuminated MRAD scopes (not the more common MOA ones). $550 each shipped. ***BOTH SOLD*** These scopes have great glasses, which are comparable to the scopes in $1k price range. Turrets are decent but not as good as the top...
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    Reloading Equipment (SPF) New Norma 300 WSM brass

    I have 200 pieces of these brass for $350 shipped. Never got 300 WSM project completed so they are up for grab.