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  1. Afischer1289

    6brx, dtacs, 4350???

    Has anyone played with the dtacs in a brx with H4350? I was loading varget and 105s but I’m going to give the 115s a try. Rifle is an impact action and 28.5” proof 7.5 twist bbl.
  2. Afischer1289

    7mm08 AI freebore??

    Looking for insight on 7-08 ackley reamer Freebore. Going to be a 20” tube hunting/occasional target rifle. Only reason for going ackley is to gain a little speed back and the case looks cool with 40* shoulder. 😎 Probably going to load the 162 eld. Don’t know that I will go much heavier.
  3. Afischer1289

    Carbon vs stainless- dedicated hunting rifle.

    I’m about to put together a dedicated hunting rifle. I know the carbon wrapped barrels are lighter than stainless, but for cost savings, I was thinking about doing a deep fluted senders stainless barrel instead of a proof. Is the weight savings really going to be that noticeable? Not going for...
  4. Afischer1289

    Desert tech srs trade value

    I know little about dta rifles, other than I want one. Have a guy looking to trade me an A1 with 308 and 26 nosler conversions. Posting here Looking to get an approximate street value. also any one that owns one anything I should look out for or any issues you’ve had?
  5. Afischer1289

    Kestrel wind direction issues

    I have a kestral 5700 elite with link. I capture DOF then wind speed and direction. Issue im having is the wind direction doesnt ever seem to be correct. Example- Wind is coming from 6 o clock directly in line with the target, when capturing wind data with the kestrel it shows 7:30 to 8:00...
  6. Afischer1289

    B14R carbon vs steel barrel

    Has anyone done a side by side comparison of the the two? Is one inherently more accurate than the other.