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    Tac Ops Rifles

    @Lewcifer you’ll be impressed with his brake.
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    Tac Ops Rifles

    No just had some 175 GMM, trying to hunt down some 168’s.
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    Tac Ops Rifles

    Got the new X-Ray out, I think I’ll keep it..
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    Tac Ops Rifles

    Thanks! It looks pretty clean. I don’t have a bore scope or anything, but looks clean from looking down into the chamber. I know Mike doesn’t shoot them very much so it wouldn't be really fouled anyway.
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    Tac Ops Rifles

    Bolt action perfection and only 5 month wait! Mike is such a solid dude. Smoothest rifle build process I’ve ever had. If you’re on the fence about getting one of his rifles just pull the trigger.
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    Tac Ops Rifles

    For an atlas bipod what picatinny rail do you all use for the for the anschutz rail?
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    Precision Rifle Match Things that make you go hmmmm

    Yeah @NoLegs24 is thiccc. Never skip leg day
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    Surgeon Actions? Still Quality?

    They’re the same good quality. Most these idiots don’t even have one, but they have an opinion..
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    Tac Ops Rifles

    Anyone have any chrono data on 175 gmm out of a 20” barrel? Got an X-Ray coming.
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    300 PRC Hunting Rifle

    Buddy got a Bergara premier highlander in 300 PRC. It’s super nice and shoots well. Call Euro Optic, they gave him a pretty solid deal too.
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    Accessories TBAC 50% off cert *Sold*

    Already bought a can so don’t need this. If you need to see a picture pm me.
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    GA Tempest

    Highly recommend. Bolt lift isn't as heavy as the AW.
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    Tac Ops Rifles

    @tacops1 whats the weight like with the scope? Trying to gauge what mines gonna be like.
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    Firearms KAC SR-25 ER Upper/LMT Rifle *SOLD*

    Selling my KAC/LMT rifle. Upper has around 800 rds on it and the lower hasn’t been used (some handling marks). No time to shoot. Specs: -KAC SR-25 ER upper, dimpled barrel, cut to 18” and threaded by Marvin Pitts -Surefire brake -LMT Lower, KAC 2 stage match trigger, KAC SR-25 buffer assembly...