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    What can you see outside your bedroom window ?...OK any window =)

    I think that be a baby cowbird. Actually a "parasite" of life. ZY
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    For fucks sake!

    Hmmmm….what about the 24” trees in the front yard that were planted 40 years ago? Sombody hits those, they are are not going to move. Homeowner negligence ? No worries it’s a victimless crime…the insurance will pay. Just like McDonalds…
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    Cole-tac is freaking awesome

    Dustin is a great guy, great company. They stand behind everything and donate to a TON of matches. Great supporters of the sport. ZY
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    Reloading Equipment WTT--1500 .224 75 ELDM, Same Lot

    For the evening crowd....all same lot. ZY
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    Reloading Equipment WTT--1500 .224 75 ELDM, Same Lot

    Possible trade pending, but still avail....
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    Reloading Equipment WTT--1500 .224 75 ELDM, Same Lot

    TTT. In Flanders Fields In Flanders Fields, the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the dead. Short days ago We...
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    Reloading Equipment WTT--1500 .224 75 ELDM, Same Lot

    As stated, not for sale at this time. I love these, but need some 6mm.... Trades, in preferred order, all minimum of 1K, same lot. Ratio depending on what you have and what we can work out. 1. Berger 6mm 105 Hyb 2. Sierra TMK 6mm 95gn 3. Sierra MK 6mm 95gn If the deal is right, up to...
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    A puzzler for y’all...

    Wet SS tumble or ultrasonic Clean? Anneal? It's probably a neck tension thing somehow.... How did seating the bullets in the new brass feel compared to the 1x? ZY
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    CreedmoorSports, GTG?

    Very much good to go! - They answer the phone - They have called me with a question on my order - They allow back orders--and honor the back ordered price - They dont take crazy profit margins when the market goes crazy - They support shooters across many different shooting disciplines - They...
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    Appendage measuring

    Oh, please tell me I won. Charter Arms Pistol a got a few years ago on a lark to match the Charter Arms AR-7 I had since 14. It basically came with a box of AR-7 parts and he even threw in the “red dot” for free. BTW that AR-7 ate many, many thousand rounds over the years. ETA: Came with a...
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    Suppressors form 4 e- filing question

    I dont think so but possible.....but I only saw the screen shot from the dealers view. ZY
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    Suppressors form 4 e- filing question

    It actually is all linked and pretty seamless. AS LONG AS your LGS went into their account and assigned your can from inventory to you. If they did that, it is that easy. The ATF will mail the Form 4 to the LGS. I do suggest you confirm with the LGS they assigned the can to you.
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    Lightweight 1" Picatinny Ring Recommendations

    The new XLR rings are good to go, pretty lightweight.
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    Load Development Check

    Re: ES....not so much. a) sample size is way too small.....b) an optimal seating depth can tighten that up too. Finalize an accurate load and shoot a larger sample size and I think you will be fine. ZY Opinion: We all love single digit SDs....but an SD in the 10-ish range is more than good...
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    Load Development Check

    Your node is 42.2-42.6. Its a little warm but 2900 for 130 class bullets in 6.5 is not unheard of. Personally I would do a seating depth test at 42.4, watch for pressure and find the sweet spot for accuracy. You have a nice wide .4 velocity flat spot—at least for your sample size. PS...
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    Suppressor tax stamp cleared, but moved residence to diff state

    1. Set up appointment with your FFL 2. Go to Florida, make your appointment time 3. Do paperwork to get your cans, fill out the 4473 using your Fl Drivers license--dont volunteer info. A NICS check is NOT required at pickup. 4. Take it to WA 5. File a ATF 5320.20 if you want to...but most...
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    Scope for a savage rascal

    I put a Nikon P-223 on my sons. Simple, fixed 3x , easy to get behind and very compact--about 8 inches long. They are discontinued, but I got his for about $100. Might find a used one.... ZY
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    Any suggestions for a $500 budget spotting scope?

    FWIW I got my Athlon Ares referenced above today. Initial impression is very good. I have been using a Sig Oscar 7 for about 4 years and enjoy the eye box and clarity. I do very well with trace and impacts at distance. But I have really been wanting a Mil reticle with .2 hash marks. For $675...