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    Reloading Equipment SOLD: Hornady 30 CAL - 178 Grain Amax

    I have for sale - 7 unopened boxes of 178 gr Hornady Amax's, they are 100 ct boxes so a total of 700. They are all the same lot number. I'm asking $375.00 shipped lower 48. The first publicly posted I'll take them gets them. Thanks, Shane
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    SOLD WTS: Nightforce NXS 3.5-15X50 MOAR

    $1,250.00 Shipped and insured to lower 48 I have for sale a used but in good condition NF 3.5-15X50mm model C429, MOAR & ZeroStop. The glass is perfect and scope functions flawlessly. It does have slight ring marks. I captured them in the photos as best I could, they are faint but show. The...
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    SOLD WTS: Price Reduced - Nightforce NXS 5.5-22X50 MOAR-T

    $1,400.00 1,350.00. Shipped and insured to lower 48 I have for sale a used but in great shape NF 5.5-22X50mm model C505, MOAR-T & ZeroStop. The glass is perfect and scope functions flawlessly. It does have very slight ring marks. I tried to capture them in the photos but they are so faint...
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    Rimfire Sold - RimX 40 MOA Base & Competition Bolt Knob

    Both of these are used but in like new condition. This is an extra 40 MOA base I ordered from RimX and does not come with mounting screws. I'd like to sell them together if possible. $110.00 shipped for both the base and bolt knob. Will ship USPS. First one to post I'll take them - gets...
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    Optics SPF: Nightforce NX8 4-32X50 MIL-C

    I have for sale a Nightforce NX8 4-32X50 MIL-C (Model C625) for shipped and insured in the lower 48. Below are pictures showing the condition of the scope. There are slight ring marks front and back and one scratch on front bell left side. The scope works great and has no issues -- the reason...
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    Member Link Up Savannah GA Shooters

    I live in West Central GA but travel all over the state of GA working. I'm headed down to the Savannah area the middle of June for about a month. I'm just getting into long range shooting, and was wondering if any shooters down that way might want to get together and shoot some in the...
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    Rifle Scopes Schmidt and Bender 5x25

    I've been searching and reading all I can for quite some time about scopes. I have two Nightforce scopes now- a 5x22x56 and 8x32x56. I really like my scopes and they seem to perform just fine. However, I have this itch to try an S&B scope. If anyone lives anywhere around west central Georgia...
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    Gunsmithing Remington 700 magazine spacer

    I have a Remington 700 with the factory BDL bottom metal, in 223 cal. I would like to shoot the 75gr. Amax bullets. When I seat my bullets out far enough to touch the lands, I'm too long to work in the magazine. I'm pretty sure there should be away to remove the spacer at the rear of the...
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    Rifle Scopes 5X25 Schmidt & Bender

    I posted this over on the rimfire section also. I am looking for some info on the S&B 5X25. I was wondering if any of you have used your scope at 50yds. and under and how well the parallax adjusts at those ranges? Thanks
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    5X25 Schmidt & Bender

    Do any of you guy's shoot the 5X25 S&B scope on your rimfires? My question is: how good does the parallax adjust at 50yds and under? I was thinking about try one with the p4f in the second focal plane. Thanks
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    Rifle Scopes Nightforce 5.5X22X56mm

    I'm going to order a new scope. I'm pretty sure I'm going with the 5.5X22X56mm high speed turrets, and I'm trying to decide what reticle to go with. I have a 3.5X15X50mm with a NP-R2 now, and I'm leaning that way. But I'm worried I might be missing out on the NP-R1. I'm mostly shooting it on...
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    Rifle Scopes Ring Height

    I know there is a post telling you how to measure ring height, and I understand the equation. The challenge I have is that I do not have my base to measure. I have a Remington 700 XCR 223 cal. and I ordered a Badger Ordnance 20 moa. base ( tonight, and would like to order rings also). I plan...