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    Rifle Scopes Top mount silencerco radius. Help.

    Hello, I'm trying to find a way to mount a radius to my Vortex Razor Gen 2 4.5-27x. I have a American Defence recon SL which I would love to keep because of my rail set up. I've found a aimpoint 34mm to 1913 but it's only option that I found. Also price isn't the reason I strayed away from the...
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    Bad instructor at range

    [No message]
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    Has anyone seen this mans YouTube channel?
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    Barret bors.

    SO who all has used just out of curiosity what do you all think of it?
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    Lake city match brass with rib at base?

    So I have been asking my self this question for awhile. I have 23 pieces of brass that have a rib all the way around the base I think 1/2mm up from base. I believe the headstamp says LC MATCH 86. It's extremely hard at the base when I'm using a fl die and lube. Any info on this what they did it...
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    Rifle Scopes ffp optics at most 14 inches long

    I'm looking for a new optic but for this application I need it at most 14 inches long. So instead of searching and searching multiple optics then research more on them. Ask the hide members who own a scope under 14" and what they think of it. I would really wanting one with a zero stop.
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    Cci 200 primers? What do you all think?

    So I just found a lot of primers I didn't know I had in shop. I probably have 10,000 primers. That's including 250 primers they are in the box aswell. I don't have a magnum gun though. Also is there a difference between green and black labels they say the sake exact thing except green or back label.
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    Gunsmithing Green Mountain barrels? Any users? Results?

    Just out of curiosity have any of you used these barrels with what results?
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    What are some good tempeture insensitive powders?

    Just out of curiousity I was wondering what some of you use. Currently I use 175smk, 41.7gr 4064, LC match Brass, federal 210m primers.
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    Finsihed my mount finished for my pvs-4.

    I also took dykem to my forend to make sure it was freefloating just as a percausion I opened up the end of it more. Then made a harris work with it going out shooting tomorrow to try my hand at some tight groups.
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    Where's the IMR4064?

    I cant find my powder anywhere.... I only have half a 1 pound container left. Also anyone have any cheap powder for plinking ammo? and bullets?
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    Rifle Scopes Looking at an Razor HD 5-20x50 or Viper PST 6-24x50

    I'm looking for my best bang for my buck. I've been looking at optics for awhile now and I found these two which both seem reasonably priced. I have an PSG-1 clone that I am building at the moment which from what I've talked to others who have a similar build list I will be expecting around...
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    Gunsmithing Weird Ideas for optic mount ptr91

    Well I have an PTR-91 that i was hacking up into a precision rifle and I just finished pulling my head out of the toilet. Somehow though that experience an idea popped into my head, I was making a full steel picatinny rail that I was going to tig weld onto the gun. However half way though...