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    KGM Suppressor Interview with Adam Pini

    We are slowly updating our website as product inventory comes online. If it’s on the site means that can is in stock and available. Next round of updates comes in June. -Adam
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    Accessories Foundation MG2 - Defiance

    Foundation MG2 for Defiance Deviant/Ruckus. It is the standard fill and is cut for the Hawkins DBM. Included is the Foundation Arca rail, Sap 2rd holder, weight kit and a custom adjustable butt pad. Its been used for a season but is a solid stock. Asking $1100.00 Shipped
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    Accessories SOLD

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    Reloading Equipment WTB new peterson or lapua 6 creed brass

    I have a ton of 1x Peterson LRP that’s been annealed on an AMP.
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    Accessories Foundation Exodus & 6 BRA 737R Prefit

    Bump with price drop on the foundation.
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    Accessories Foundation Exodus & 6 BRA 737R Prefit

    Im consolidating and standardizing my match/training guns. So here is whats left over. Foundation Exodus Dark Distressed Pillar Bedded by Exodus Rifles for Impact 737R No Butt Hook KMW Bottom Metal Pic Rail Skid Pad $1100 Shipped or trade towards an MG2 for an Impact 6BRA Impact 737R Prefit...
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    Firearms Hodge Defense Mod 1 SPR

    This rifle has sat in my safe safe since October of last year. Its had probably 5-600 rounds on it, to include 1 gas gun match. Its in great shape but I want to turn it into a 308 gas gun. This is the most accurate gas gun that I've owned and was built by Monty LeClair of centurion arms when he...
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    Accessories MDT ACC Green Fully Loaded.

    This is an MDT ACC and it was bedded by Joe walls and works for Impact and defiance, has all the internal weights, 3 sets of external weights, TLC grip, sap 2rd holder and rear bag rider. Price: $1250 shipped Trades: Foundation Exodus, Foundation MG2, Manners PRS-2
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    Accessories Foundation MG2 for Defiance

    I picked this up like 2 months ago but recently decided to bed my defiance into my ACC and move my impact over. Since this is cut for a defiance the Impact wont work. Looking to trade for the same stock for an impact or sell it to buy another for an impact. Foundation MG2 Dark Destressed Cut...
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    Accessories WTB: Foundation MG2

    I have a MG2 available for a deviant
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    Reloading Equipment WTB: Once fired 6mm creedmoor brass

    I have a bunch of 1x Lapua 6creed or Peterson 6creed 1x Brass.
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    Precision em!!

    Defiance Deviant Proof Comp Contour 6creed Chambered by Exodus Rifles Triggertech diamond KGmade R6 suppressor Foundation Genesis 2 Hawkins Bottom Metal Leupold 7-35 Tremor 3 Hawkins Rings Harris BRMS W/ Area419 arca adapter
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    PRS Talk Possible competition for PRS

    6BR is a really easy choice, low recoil, impressive accuracy (Its won a lot in a lot of disciplines), components are easy to source, and most of all it has very forgiving accuracy windows/nodes. For guys that want to get into reloading 6br is pretty easy to get low SD/ES and consistent...
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    Accessories MDT ACC Chassis W/Accessories SOLD!

    Im looking to sell/trade my Blk ACC Chassis. I have 3 of these and want to try something different for the wife's gun. MDT ACC Chassis BLK Full Interior Weights Rear Stock Weight Rear Bag Rider TLC Grip (Keeping the NV bridge & exterior weights) Asking SOLD Trades: Foundation Genesis 2...
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    Accessories FN CHF 10.5" MK18 SBR Upper w/KAC Rail & Aimpoint

    So im cutting loose some of my SBR uppers to help coming up with funds for closing costs on a new house. This upper has less then 400 rounds on it. I shot it and stored it in my safe since painting it. FN CHF Complete 10.5” upper FN F/A BCG KAC RAS Rail SF SOCOM flash suppressor KAC qd mount...