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    K-Bars Ultralight self defense blade for female runner

    Look up stats for deaths/injuries by edged weapons. Slashing wounds - unlikely to incapacitate an assailant unless get very lucky. Stab wounds - cause most deaths/incapacitations but time till incapacitation point is enough to allow the assailant to do a lot of damage to your daughter. In most...
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    Need advice on a bubble level.. 36mm ring

    Well, you might be in luck around the start of March 😉
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    FFP MIL Scope For Hunting

    100% on this. Slight weight difference between the scopes is mute when you take account all the other shit you have on you. Better off finding weight reduction elsewhere. I was between the ZCO420 and TT315M for lightweight LR build and went with ZCO due to extra x on the top end and reticle.
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    LPVO vs 1.5-8s and 1.7-10s

    Pretty much my experience. Pushing/stalking animals through thick bush = 1x with big eyebox invaluable. Shooting/hunting animals across more open ground at distance = 1x not so useful. Work out what the percentage of each of type of shot you normally take and that will guide what you require.
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    Genesis Ballistics Solutions--Android Now Available!!

    Can’t wait to see this mate - you never do anything in halves. Always right first time 👍
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    Rifle Scopes ZCO ZC420 v Kahles K318i v Schmidt Ultra Shorts v Minox ZP5

    I have shite eyesight to start with (-10) corrected and wear contacts so notice optics with lesser glass/design. Have found the ZCO420 better in pretty much all ways to the Swarovski scopes I own (Z3, Z6 & Z8). But in saying that I have noticed the entire through scope image turns a yellowish...
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    Rifle Scopes Zero Compromise Optic MPCT3 reticle

    Pair the MPCT3 (minus the ranging funnel) with a ZCO420 on a slight weight diet and that would be the perfect LR hunting scope. interested to see side by side with MPCT2 - hope I don’t have regrets... :)
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    Rifle Scopes Razor Gen 3 line?

    If you are located SE Qld let me know and can compare ZCO420 side by side to your 525i.
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    Rifle Scopes 1000-1,300$ price what lpvo should I get?

    Slightly more $1500 gets you a kahles on here or demo’d. @CSTactical
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    Rifle Scopes SHOT 2020

    I did consider the Blaser but I wanted the horseshoe for in close on pigs and the graduations in the reticle first distance. Maybe if Blaser threw something like that together ?
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    Hoplite Arms

    Sent you a PM Matt
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    Hoplite Arms

    @THEIS - what’s the chances of getting one to Australia?
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    Rifle Scopes SHOT 2020

    Damn, just to think I bought another kahles 1-6. Haha no matter as such is life :) Thanks ILya ?
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    Rifle Scopes SHOT 2020

    High end to compete with kahles, Blaser, NF?
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    Rifle Scopes Swaro vs Nightforce.

    Personally I wouldn’t put NF glass in same league as swaro. NF has a very flat image and doesn’t have the resolution that the swaro has (Z3, Z5 & Z8).
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    Rifle Scopes Design your ideal precision hunting scope

    The baby offspring of these two - TT315m and ZCO420.
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    Rifle Scopes Steiner nighthunter extreme riflescope?

    I can’t compare but I have the older meostar r1 x56 and it is my main evening/night scope on a 204r for culling ? Magical scope for the money in lowlight.
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    Rifle Scopes S&B Christmas Tree reticle

    ILya (DLO) has reviewed this reticle and his comments were that it works quite well overall and isn’t as intrusive as you would think. There is a video he has done with in scope video and pictures vs other reticle so you can see how it compares.
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    Rifle Scopes Arken Optics EP-4 Tracking Test Video

    Nice touch with getting onto the testing early to try and limit the shit going on in the Arken thread ? And great to see another scope manufacturer pushing the boundaries of other manufacturers.
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    Gordons Reloading Tool Software

    The biggest hurdle atm for Gordons reloading tool is the powder manufacturers are very reluctant to hand over any bomb data. You can import QL files but it doesn’t marry up 100% as the equations used are different (QL is 2point curve and GRT is 3 point curve). But in saying that, there is a team...