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  1. Nostradumbass

    Reloading Equipment WTT Lapua .222 brass for Lapua .223

    Hey boys, I have four boxes of New Lapua .222 brass. Looking to trade them for the same count in 223 Lapua brass. Can pay for shipping costs if trade is for all four boxes. Thanks for your time!
  2. Nostradumbass

    PRS Talk MK12 for PRS Competition Question

    I’m currently building a clone correct MK12 Mod1 with the current 2.5-8 leupold MK4 optic. I’m contemplating in my mind to use it in my area PRS matches. I do have other rifles much better suited for PRS, but I’m wondering if an 18” 5.56 would be competitive at all in a competition. Thanks in...
  3. Nostradumbass

    Accessories WTB Peq-2A

    Like the title says, looking for a good condition PEQ-2A. I have reloading components or other desirables for trade items as well. Let me know if you can help a brother out! Thanks
  4. Nostradumbass

    Why do we love the MK12 so much?

    I’m guilty of this, I love the rifle. Lots of MK12 threads here on the hide. In 2021, there are literally hundreds of other rifles that surpass the MK12 in many categories, but most all of us seem to have great reverence for the rifle.....well, except for that Daniel Defense abomination. For...
  5. Nostradumbass

    Reloading Equipment WTT .224 69gn for 77gn projos

    Hey boys, I have between 1k-1.5k .224 Sierra 69gn Matchking projectiles. Looking to trade for 77gn Sierra Matchkings. Please let me know if you are able to help a fellow shooter out. Thanks!! Sincerely, Mr. Dumbass
  6. Nostradumbass

    Accessories WTT Saker556 for AEM5

    I realize this may be a long shot, but I’m looking to trade a like new Silencerco Saker556 with the ASR mount for an Allen Engineering AEM5. Of course, a trade in Texas would be awesomeness, but I’d love to trade with anyone at this time. Waiting and transfer times aren’t really a problem...
  7. Nostradumbass

    Rifle Scopes I hate my scope....change my mind!

    I made a trade with my brother because I needed an optic with an H59 reticle. The scope in question is a Leupold Mk6 3-18X44 Mil with B2 turrets. I can get past the turrets....being mushy, but the eye box and CA is atrocious! At 40 years of age, I began thinking that my eyesight was...
  8. Nostradumbass

    Loading Subsonic/Accuracy Expectations?

    I’m working a load for a custom built .300 AAC Remington 700. The barrel is a 16” Bartlein 1/7 twist. I have found some inconsistencies with muzzle velocity, and I’m working hard to understand the problem. I suspect the issue may be with neck tension, and inconsistencies between neck wall...
  9. Nostradumbass

    Help! Trouble shooting with my kiddos 🥴

    I honestly didn’t know where to put this thread, but here goes.... I have a young daughter and son who are of age to really start shooting and hunting. Unfortunately, I have found that both of my children are right handed and left eye dominant.🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m finding that teaching them the...
  10. Nostradumbass

    Optics WTB/WTT for a PVS-27

    Hey boys, I’m looking to buy or trade high end guns/optics for a nice, PVS-27 with a Gen3 Pinnacle tube. I have KAC, S&B, and possibly other options as trade. Please let me know if you can help me out. Thanks!
  11. Nostradumbass

    Accessories WTT Manners TF4A for AICS 2.0

    Long shot, but throwing it out here. I have a like new, professionally bedded Manners TF4A folding stock for Remington SA with Seekins DBM. Has QD sling mounts on the left side, and a Badger EFR installed. I am looking to trade the stock and DBM for a like new 1st Gen AICS 2.0 with OD Green...
  12. Nostradumbass

    Any SVD Shooters here?

    I realize SVD’s are fairly rare in the US, but they’re definitely part of the Vintage Sniper Rifles of the world.....and my favorite! I have found that a Chinese NDM-86 has surprisingly decent accuracy. When I bought it, I was expecting 2-3 MOA at best. PPU match ammunition has consistently...
  13. Nostradumbass

    Hunting & Fishing Any Falconers on the Hide??

    Hey boys, Just wondering if there were any other members who practice Falconry. Let me know where you’re at and what you’re flying! 🤙🏽 I’ve been a Falconer for 6 years now, and it has totally consumed my life! I should have went through the process and started my career years ago! I’ve been...
  14. Nostradumbass

    Accessories WTT AAC 51T 5/8X24 DS for SS

    Help!! 🥴 I have a new unused AAC 51T 5/8X24 deep socket flash hider that I would like to trade for a 51T standard socket flash hider or muzzle brake. I have a bolt gun with a barrel OD over .750” so the Deep Socket is a no go. please help a brother out if you can! 🙂 Thanks!
  15. Nostradumbass

    Range Report How important is BC below the sound barrier?

    Serious question, and I hope I’ve put this question in the right location. I’ve purchased a full custom 300 AAC bolt gun that’s built for precision. The guy who had it built never shot it. It has a 1 in 7 Shilen barrel at 16.5” I plan to see what I can do with the rifle out to 600yds or so...
  16. Nostradumbass

    Reloading Equipment WTS Hornady .30 cal 220gn ELD-X

    I have two new boxes of Hornady .30 cal 220 grain ELD-X projectiles. Very high BC with excellent terminal ballistics as well. Not that it matters much, but it looks like they’re out of stock everywhere currently, so if you need them, I’m your man. Asking 100 shipped for them. Thanks very much...
  17. Nostradumbass

    Question for shooting subsonic long range 🙂

    Hey Boys! I’ve got an inkling for building a subsonic long range bolt gun. I’ve never had more fun with my clothes on than when shooting steel at 500yds subsonic suppressed. With reloading components being what they are “expensive,” I’m looking at building a 300 blackout. Has anyone here been...
  18. Nostradumbass

    Grouping issues when shooting suppressed.

    Hey boys! I’m shooting a 6.5X47 Lapua with 140gn Berger VLD’s. The rifle easily shoots 1/4 moa with a hand load of 39gn H4350 and CCI 450 primers. The problem I have is when I add a suppressor. Of course there is a POI shift, but my groups consistently open up to close to 1 moa with the can...
  19. Nostradumbass

    Reloading Equipment WTT Fed 210M for CCI 450 or Fed 215M in TX

    Hey boys, I have Federal 210M large rifle match primers that I would like to trade for CCI 450 small rifle magnum or Federal 215M large rifle magnum match primers. Primers have been sealed in a moisture free container in a climate controlled environment. Would like to trade for at least 1k of...
  20. Nostradumbass

    Firearms WTB Remington 700 in 300 blackout.

    Hey boys, Looking for a 16” 300 blackout bolt gun or barreled action. Please let me know if you have one you could part with. Thanks in advance!