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  1. regency

    Optics ZCO 4-20 MPCT1 (Like new) SOLD

    I bought this scope to go on a hunting rig but I think it is just going to be too much scope. I have the box and everything it comes with. It is in immaculate condition. I can ship it out between now and Aug 27th, I leave town the on the 28th. Private message me if interested. Can ship for...
  2. regency

    If you were to buy a carbon fiber deer rifle...

    Which would you buy? I see Proof makes their own rifles. I'm sure the quality is very nice but prices are sky high. I don't know much about them but Nosler seems to make an all carbon one as well. Anyone else out there have experience on carbon deer rifles?
  3. regency

    Optics SOLD K525i SKMR3 w/Spuhr (Scope and mount pricing individually, added)

    This is a like new scope that has been mounted, zeroed, and to the range a couple times. No wear or tear that I can see. The spuhr mount is 1.5 in height and 0 moa built in. I have the boxes for both. Scope is properly leveled with badger ordinance scope levelers and mounted using proper...
  4. regency

    Optics (SOLD) K318i SKMR3 (like new) w/Badger low rings

    Very lightly used K318i SKMR3 w/ left side windage, badger 34mm low rings are included. Not a scratch on the body or glass. I have the box and everything that comes with it. $2,300 shipped to your door.
  5. regency

    Rifle Scopes Anyone owned a VCOG?

    I have a KAC 14.5 Mod 2 rifle with no optic on it right now. I always loved ACOGs for the nice glass and the simple to use BDC reticle but hated the eye relief and wished I had a little more zoom... Is the 1-6 or 1-8 VCOG the answer? I own a 1-8 ATACR on a SR25 but feel it is a lot of...
  6. regency

    Optics Spuhr SP4001 *SOLD*

    I have a like new but used Spuhr mount for sale. It is 0 MOA of cant with 34mm tube. 1.18" high This mount with a 56mm objective will clear a GAPrecision rifle barrel Price: $275 Shipped
  7. regency

    Optics Kahles Gen III K624i SKMR3 LSW ($1,925) *SOLD*

    K624i 6-24x56 SKMR3 LSW scope for sale. It is in mint condition. Glass and body don't have any marks/scuffs. I have the original box and everything that came with it. The scope was properly torqued with an inch lb driver to avoid any damage. $1,925 PM me if interested.
  8. regency

    Firearms (SOLD) GAP GLADIUS (6.5 Creed) Lowered price, better pics.

    I have a GAP Gladius in 6.5 Creedmoor for sale. This is a recent production of the gun (2019) I believe. It is almost brand new, has about 50 rounds of Hornady 143gr fired through it. There is not a single mark on the gun. The only upgrades are 1 extra 10 round magazine (comes with a 5...
  9. regency

    Brass resizing woes with GAP Tempest action

    I have always resized my brass according to 'felt bolt lift' on a fired case with the firing pin removed in my other bolt guns. This tempest action has me kinda messed up because I can not get a good feel for 'smoothness/easness' with it when checking bolt closure. It is still notchy feeling...
  10. regency

    Spuhr SP4036 for sale

    I bought a scope that this came with from another member. I have changed mounts and this is up for sale. It looks perfect but I do not have the original box or the 'leveling wedge' that comes with spur mounts. Will do $225 shipped. Here is the link to the specs on it - Spuhr SP4036
  11. regency

    Rifle Scopes 100yd zero, 2nd rev indicator showing

    Has anyone ran in to this before? Just got my suppressed SR15 zeroed for 100 and the kahles 318's red indicator is sticking up. It is in a spur mount with 0mil/0moa cant built in.
  12. regency

    Curious question about bullet lot changes

    I was just curious to ask you guys what you notice on lot changes amongst bullet manufactures. I have found that as long as I seat the new lot at the same o-give distance to the lands, I really don't see a change in SD/ES or 100yd groupings. This is my experience with Hornady and Berger so...
  13. regency

    SPUHR 'QDP' 4602 for sale/trade (SOLD)

    This is Spuhr's 1 piece mount for a 34mm scope with quick release throw levers. It has 6 MIL/20 MOA built in. 1.5" scope height. I am in need of a a Spuhr 'QDP' 4002 or 'QDP' 4016. Practically the same thing... but I don't want 6MIL/20MOA built in like the one I have listed. Would like to...
  14. regency

    Kahles k624i Gen3/SKMR3 *Traded*

    Scope has been traded.
  15. regency

    Movie Theater The Mandalorian

    Trailer Looks like I'll be subscribing to the new Disney streaming service for this one.
  16. regency


    Found what I needed, thanks.
  17. regency

    Making bigger than expected adjustments on BC?

    Anyone ever had a load dialed in with velocity verified, then you go out shooting on a later date and all of the sudden you are having to artificially adjust your velocity or bc up or down by a large amount to line up with your impacts down range? Example today, shooting my 6.5creed GAP rifle...
  18. regency

    Do I want a suppressor on my 338 AXMC?

    That is the question. I love this gun, I reload for it and shoot it a lot... That being said, one of the reasons I shoot it a lot is it is also very low recoil for what it is. Will adding a suppressor boost the recoil up by any significance? Also, what brand would you go with and why? I...
  19. regency

    Rifle Scopes About to buy a Mark6 Leupold 1-6...

    I would appreciate any input about this optic or if there is another similar optic that you think is a better option. It will be going on a 'combat' 7.62 AR10. I like it for the reticle drop lines similar to an ACOG but still be able to dial if needed... Thoughts?
  20. regency

    Gen 3 Magpul stock (SOLD)

    Looks new, barely used. I also have the Larue extension tube if you need it for you Larue guys $200 shipped to you. Thanks