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  1. Greenwood187

    Optics Vx5hd

    Got in on trade don’t want Vx5hd 3-15 HTMR also wind plex ret $850 shipped each
  2. Greenwood187

    SOLD MK5 5-25 PR2

    Moa PR2 shipped
  3. Greenwood187

    Optics Mk5. 7-35. PR2

    Moa brand new ready to ship. $1950
  4. Greenwood187

    SOLD MK5 7-35 PR2 mil

    Sold New reticle PR2 mil nib ready to ship $1950
  5. Greenwood187

    Optics Mk5 PR2 moa

    New in box $$1700 5-25
  6. Greenwood187

    Px “want to download”

    Not sure if this is the right place or not. Trying to get into the buy and sell thread it asks me if I want to download it. Never done that before. It also let’s me go to the commercial and new products. Just not the buy and sell. If need to move or send pm lmk. Thanks
  7. Greenwood187

    Reloading Equipment WTB/WTT for 215 Berger’s

    Wtb 215 Berger’s 500 count or trade I have 147 grain Hornady eldm bullets.
  8. Greenwood187

    Accessories Found

    Have a swept handle now looking for a straight
  9. Greenwood187

    Accessories Sold

    Manners EH1 swamp camo Rem700 S/A proof sendero light barrelChannel with pillars (not installed) brand new $650 obo shipped
  10. Greenwood187

    Firearms Defiance, manners, proof, 6.5 prc

    6.5 prc Defiance deviant DLC by core medium 20 moa rail Proof sendero 22” , 25 1/4 w/ brake 8 twist 6.5 PRC Trigger tech primary Pierce 5 port muscle brake Manners EH1 Stress free bedded Seekins dbm 200 rounds fired 1/2 moa or slightly better with factory Hornady 147s Never really...
  11. Greenwood187

    Optics Sold

    Great Shape mounted for a few months. Taken to the range a few times. No scuffs or marks. Illuminated moa ret with leupold rings $1700 scope and rings obo $1600 no rings obo
  12. Greenwood187

    Firearms Sold

    CZ 455 VPT 22 LR 700 rounds fired Area 419 15 moa rail 2 extra 10 round mags No scope No bipod $800 shipped ffl must accept from individual
  13. Greenwood187

    Rimfire Sold

    CZ 455 VPT 22 LR 700 rounds fired Area 419 15 moa rail 2 extra 10 round mags No scope No bipod $800 shipped. Ffl must accept from individual
  14. Greenwood187

    Rimfire WTB tikka1x 17hmr mags

    Just like the title states. Looking fo buy tikka 17hmr mahs. 3-4 of them
  15. Greenwood187

    Optics Vx6hd 3-18x50

    Brand new in box fire dot reticle. $1450 shipped
  16. Greenwood187

    Accessories Sold

    8twist 20inch 4 groove NIB $700 obo shipped
  17. Greenwood187

    Accessories Sold

    3 new open box with pinky extension 6 rounders $60 shipped or trade for g43x mags
  18. Greenwood187

    Optics Sold

    Slightly used but good shape NF Rings 5-25 EBR2C MOA $800 with rings $750 without no trades
  19. Greenwood187

    Firearms Sold

    6 creed Trued Remington 700 action 20 moa EGW rail Fluted bolt skeleton handle with knob Trigger tech Battlien barrel 7.5 twist 24” heavy varmint contour 400 rounds Action and chambered by Mesa precision Manners prs with mini chassis barricade stop and bipod rail Gen 2 PST 5-25 MOA NF...
  20. Greenwood187

    Optics Sold

    Like new. Flawless condition with marsupial case. $2800 shipped no trades