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    Dialing in a M70 - what does it take?

    I believe they retain most of their mass, although I have not recovered a hammer bullet after shooting an animal the last bear I took I hit quartering towards me and the exit was just beyond the rib cage. The exit was about 2 inches in diameter. It was not a big bear but the gun was sizeable a...
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    Dialing in a M70 - what does it take?

    I would recommend trying Hammer bullets as they seem to be very insensitive to jump and I and others find they are very effective on the animals that get hot with them. Most people find it very easy to find accurate loads, I have used them in my 375 Ruger and a couple of 30-06 and I found loads...
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    Are Mechanical powder measures fading in popularity?

    I don't have nearly enough fingers for that method, and having the open flame around powder might cause me to lose a couple.
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    .280 AI powder choice H4350,4831SC, H1000, Supeformance

    I used H4831SC to great effect with 180 grain bullets, might want to start there and if that does not work go to H4350
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    Over 100 PROOF Barrels in Stock

    It would make life a little easier for your customers and potential customers if you could post a link to your website, yes I can google you to find out what your website is but I should not have to in 2021. Thanks!
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    Pre '64 receiver for custom build?

    Nice find and work after the find.
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    Pre '64 receiver for custom build?

    I have bought pre-64's recently for about $700 in good condition. I did not know three-position safeties were available. I did not say anything disparaging about Defiance actions in fact I bought a few of them early and I really like them on my comp guns. It is easy to say anything other than...
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    Pre '64 receiver for custom build?

    In my mind one highly desired feature for a hunting rifle that the Defiance action lacks is a safety that locks the firing pin. The trigger you install on the Defiance will provide the safety by locking the trigger. We rely on safeties on our hunting guns so many hours that I like the...
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    opinions on this barrel quality

    When we buy rifles that are complete for less money than it costs to purchase a premium barrel blank and have a good gunsmith install it how can we expect to have a barrel on the rifle that is without blemishes? There is a reason why cut-rifled barrels cost over $300 and it can cost the same to...
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    Gunsmithing Barrel chop

    I had Deep South Tactical true up a Rem 700 and they were very timely, they were ready to shipi back to me in under two weeks and this was during the deep freeze power and water problems they were having. The work looks good and the price was also.
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    Help identifying .270 win rifle

    Bolt shroud looks a lot like a swedish mauser either a model 96 or 38, same action 38 is the carbine version. The pre-98 Mausers, often referred to as small ring Mausers, are not thought to be able to handle modern high pressure rounds, the 270 definitely falls into this category. The swedish...
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    Preferred barrel blanks (the company)

    Can't do barrel nut prefits for CRF Win 70's as there is an extractor cut on the barrel that is located after the barrel is headspaced.
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    "Once fired brass"... Case head sep waiting to happen.

    How do you know it is only fired once?
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    Which barrel.

    I would always have a hard time turning down a bartlein, it would be close to a toss up for some of the other Wisconsin-made cut rifled barrels but not a hard decision for a button rifled barrel even at the same money, but cheaper and a guarantee of 3/8", Get it in a box and on ts way to...
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    IF you were going to sell powder in this market

    In the past I have given friends/people I trust to follow through reloading supplies that they replace when things become more sane, I tend to maintain good stock when the prices are normal. This is the way I would like to be treated if they had the ability to help me out if I were in their...
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    Use a grain mill to make your own tumbling media.

    I just buy corn cob grit in 50 pound bags from a snad blasting supply company, I think the last bag cost me less than $15, 50 pounds of tumbling media lasts me a long time. You can also get walnut media at sand blasting supply houses if that is your desired media.
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    Range Report MV for M118LR from short barrels - 18-20"?

    While working DARPA's OneShot program I shot a lot of M118LR from the XM3 (18.5 inch barrel IIRC) that would not reach a 1,000 yards at sea level supersonically. At a range just west of Perry I would test it at 800 meters and that was the edge of supersonics, I would fire some and all the holes...
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    Special Pricing on Machine Work

    Mailed a rem 700 off for truing to Deep South Tactical yesterday, at $100 and the list of operations it is a good deal. The action I sent I got on a fire sale from Midway, I imagine the action was sold off as Remington was making its last gasp just prior to bankruptcy.
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    Special Pricing on Machine Work

    Sorry to be a PITA, but what should I include for return shipping in addition to the $100 for truing up a rem 700? I will get the action in the mail today or tomorrow. Thanks wade
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    Special Pricing on Machine Work

    Two questions: 1) SHould I just send the action in get trued or do I need to make prior arrangements? 2) What is your approximate turn around time for the an action truing? Thanks wade