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    Firearms A couple of Guncrafter .50GI 1911s

    I'm looking to sell, or trade, a couple of Guncrafters that I've had for years but rarely shoot. Both are like new and mint condition and have never been carried or holstered. 1. Model 1 fullsize govt. with a naked slide, single-sided safety, night sights, 15lpi checkering, and full melonite. 3...
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    Firearms Barrett MRAD SMR .308 17”

    I bought this on a whim but would rather build another FTR gun. It is new and hasn’t been fired. I ordered two extra magazines so it will come with 3 total. the barrel is a 1:8” so you can fire almost anything you can imagine. The Barrett Box it ships in is huge… but I’ll ship it in that even...
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    Accessories WTS: Proof carbon fiber Savage drop-in 6.5-284

    New in the Proof box, and no, I don't have a spare barrel nut. It's model 109007 and it's a 28" straight taper to .96" at the muzzle, 1:8" twist, with the threaded muzzle (5/8x24). $630 shipped insured to the lower 48. Thank you. edited to add that I could use another Bix ‘n Andy Dakota trigger...
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    Optics WTS: Leica Tempus red dots - 2moa and 3.5moa

    I bought one of both dot sizes to see if the aspheric lens made the dot clear for my astigmatism. I can say with certainty that the dot is “more” round and more defined than in any other red dot / reflex sight I’ve tried. But, I think I’ll stick with prism sights with etched reticles. $400 per...
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    Accessories Like new/ mint TUBB asymmetrical bipod

    Like new and you wouldn‘t know it has been lightly used if I didn’t say so. $320 shipped insured to the lower 48. Thank you.
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    SOLD WTS: Brux .30 blank 1:8” Rem. Varmint $300

    This is a new Brux blank and it sits at 25” in length. It has a 1.25” breech for 2.75” and then it tapers to .825” at 25.” (Following the Remington Varmint contour) $300 shipped insured to the lower 48.
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    WTB Bix 'n Andy Dakota RH trigger

    Did anyone pick up an extra Dakota trigger when some places had them on sale? If you have an extra with the RH safety (no bolt release needed), please let me know. I'm looking for another. Thank you
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    Optics Mint March 3-24x42 FML-T1

    Like new and you can’t see I’ve ever set it in rings! The glass is also pristine. It has the non-illuminated FML-T1 reticle in it and only weighs 20.8oz on my postal scale. With the 10-yard parallax, this is ideal for a lot of rimfire applications as well. $1980 shipped fully insured to the...
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    Reloading Equipment Norma 7mm Blaser Mag brass (257 Blackbird)

    I bought a ton of this and, even if I neck a bunch of it down for an assortment of wildcats, I’ll not use it all. 7mm Blaser Mag is the parent cartridge for the 257 Blackbird, so I wasn't the only one (never is with reloading) who thought about necking it down. I have a couple of thousand and...
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    Accessories RPR Proof carbon fiber prefit new $570

    Both are new. .243 1:8" threaded muzzle 24" $570 shipped insured to the lower 48. *SOLD* 6CM 1:7.5" threaded muzzle 24" $625 shipped insured to the lower 48. Trades? Let me know what you have. I could use a couple of more Bix 'n Andy Dakota triggers and might be interested in an unbuilt...
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    Accessories WTS: 200rd cases of factory Norma 77gr. HPBT. $300 shipped insured

    I have some spare cases of new, never opened, Norma 77gr. HPBT. 200rds. per case and all are the same lot. $300 shipped insured to the lower 47, per case (NO CALIFORNIA sales or anywhere else it isn't LEGAL!). Personal check, USPS Postal money order, or bank certified check. No Paypal. Thanks.
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    Reloading Equipment WTS: 5 boxes Lapua .223 brass, lots of 95SMK and 90 A-Tips

    5, blue plastic, 100ct. boxes of Lapua brass. All are the same lot. *SOLD* $325 shipped insured to the lower 48. I have a single lot of .224 Sierra 95gr SMKs, 12boxes (1200ct), $480 shipped insured to the lower 48. *SOLD* 5 boxes (500ct) of 2 different lots, $200 shipped insured to the lower...
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    SOLD WTS: Woox Furiosa 700 short with Hawkins M5 bottom metal $780 shipped

    I hadn't seen a Furiosa in person so I picked one up awhile back. It's a very, very nice chassis but I don't have plans to put any of my barreled actions in it in the near term. This one has the greyish/black wood, is fully adjustable (as are all Furiosas), and has the MLOK foreend mounting...
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    Suppressors Delta P Design - are they still around?

    I know Kelbly's here in Ohio used to carry the Delta P Design brand of suppressors, but is the brand still around? I seem to recall they were supposed to have a "Brevis iii" come out a few years ago... but I can't seem to find anything about them.
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    WTB Hensoldt ZO 4x30

    I'm looking for the non-illuminated Hensoldt 4x prism, ZO 4x30. EuroOptic only has the illuminated 4x30i and I'm not having any luck finding the 4x30. If anyone has one, or knows where one can be found, it would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Accessories WTS/WTT- ARC M10 30mm rings, M10 Q-DL mount, and RRS 34mm Uniblock mount

    In looking over some extra rings and mounts I have, I found the following: 2, 1 sold, now 1 set of new ARC M10 30mm rings in the “high” (32mm/1.36”). $150 shipped to the lower 48 per set. *SOLD* 1 new ARC 30mm M10 Q-DL mount with 30moa built-in. 1.57” height. $260 shipped to the lower 48. 1...
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    Accessories WTB: .204 barrel blank - faster twist Bartlein or Krieger

    Does anyone have a faster twist (1:8” of faster) .204 blank laying around? I’d prefer a Bartlein or Krieger but will consider other reputable brands. I have a host of other blanks should someone prefer to trade. Thank you updated to a 1:8” ideally. I have a 1:11” and want run some heavies.
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD - 380ct. Warner Tool Flatline 198gr. .308 $450 shipped

    SOLD- Just as the title states. 380 of them for $450 shipped insured to the lower 48. Thanks
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    Accessories WTS: Bartlein, Brux, Lilja, etc. assorted blanks

    1. Rock Creek 5R 308 29 1/8” 10twist Light Palma fluted $365 2. Brux 308 8twist 25” 1.25-.825” 2.5” shank $310 3. PacNor 264 chrome moly 8twist fluted Rem varmint contour. 28 1/4” w/ 5 straight flutes ending 24 3/4” from breech. $320 4. Bartlein 5 groove .204 11twist 1.25” straight 29”. $380 5...
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    Gunsmithing Scratching my head... WHAT THE ... ???

    Given that I stumbled on this and it was good for a laugh, I thought a few others might enjoy it as well. How to ruin a Krieger... I mean, “custom” fluting