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  1. D46Infinity

    Help me ID this upper/hand guard assembly

    Anyone able to help my identify this upper/hand guard assembly on this rifle. It does look like a large frame ar10. Thanks in advance.
  2. D46Infinity

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Anyone own a Liam Hoffman axe

    I’m looking at adding a small camp axe to my kit for my hunting and camping. Anyone own one? What are your thoughts? Maybe for me it’s the novelty of owning a family heirloom quality hand forged axe but I would really like to have one.
  3. D46Infinity

    Huskydriver is GTG!

    The man is good to go!
  4. D46Infinity

    Lapua 300 Norma Brass in stock at Grafs

    Just an FYI Lapua brass in is stock at Grafs!
  5. D46Infinity

    Gunsmithing Impact 737 Action Wrench

    Might be a dumb question but I've been waiting on impact to get their action wrench in stock for a while but no luck. Is there any other action wrench that will work on an impact? Thanks
  6. D46Infinity

    Nosler RDF 210gn .30 cal

    Has anyone loaded these up in a 300 norma? I'm currently having a 300 norma barrel chambered and wondering how these compare to the 230/215 gn berger offerings
  7. D46Infinity

    Impact Prefit Barrel in a Surgeon Action

    Has anyone tried to fit an impact prefit on a surgeon action? I’ve got a new surgeon sitting around and was thinking about getting a prefit or selling my surgeon and getting an impact. The only reason I’m thinking about using my surgeon is that I had it DLC coated.
  8. D46Infinity

    Mighty Armory Full length sizing die

    Has anyone used their full length sizing die? I'm needin a new sizing die for my 6.5 creedmoor gasser. These are somewhat new and I'm curious if anyone has used their dies, including their universal decapper for lapua small primer pocket brass Thanks
  9. D46Infinity

    Atlas CAL Bipod

    Brand new Atlas CAL bipod. Has ADM quick release. This is a gen 2 updated bipod. I am asking 265.00 plus shipping. I accept usps mo, PayPal F&F or Venmo. Thanks.
  10. D46Infinity


  11. D46Infinity

    200rd case Hornady 6.5 creed 147gr

    I have a 200rd case of hornady 147eld-m. Case is still sealed I’m really no looking to ship. I am asking 270 local LV NV area.
  12. D46Infinity

    Warhorse Development Commanche

    I have a brand new warhorse development Commanche in tan that I bought for a coworker and he no longer needs it. I also have a Saracen in the same color that he’s not sure he is going to use either so I can do a package if someone wants both. I’m asking what we paid for it. 115.00 plus...
  13. D46Infinity

    Gunsmithing Help with a possible chamber problem

    I am having a problem with a rifle. First it won’t group to save my life. It is a factory made production barrel from a known rifle company. I have fired it and had others shoot it with the same results. The complete rifle was assembled by me and I really just need a little help confirming...
  14. D46Infinity

    Night Vision Good place to buy a tube for pvs-14 build

    Does anyone know of a good place to buy a NOS tube to build a pvs-14. Im not worried about blems as long as they are out on the edge as its only going to be a range toy for me. I would like a tube with a manual gain pigtail. I already have a build kit for ultimate NV. Any help is appreciated.
  15. D46Infinity

    Update- Making A Cover for the Leupold Mk4 Spotter

    So I have been waiting for the release of the Badger mk 4 spotter cover. So I just siad what the heck I will just make my own. So far it's just me setting up and a making a quick attempt to get the layout for the pattern. I have coyote brown Cordura on hand. It looks like it will work but I'm...
  16. D46Infinity

    Need help with Japanese 99 Sniper rifle

    I happened to acquire a Jap 99 sniper rifle from the passing of a family member. The family saved it for me as they said I collect old guns. I just got to looking it over and it's in decent shape. It has side mount and spring clip (if that's what it's called) intact. No scope or mount. Im...
  17. D46Infinity

    Any experience with TYR tactical AICS mag pouch

    Does anyone have any experience with the TYR tactical AICS mag pouch. Im looking for a way to carry 4 extra mags. 2 on my belt and 2 on my pack. I would like like a pouch that's big enough to carry my .338 mags and if I add some foam inside to the bottom I can carry my AW short action mags in...
  18. D46Infinity

    Whidden 260 Rem FL Bushing Reloading Die set

    I have a set of Whidden .260 Remington reloading dies. The size die is a full length bushing die. I have a bushing included, I'm not sure what size it is but it's a freebie for you. The seat die is a micrometer seat die. I bought these last year sometime off the hide when I had a Tikka in .260...