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    6 Creedmoor 115 DTAC RBT Load Data

    looking for load data for my rifle. I am using the following components: Hornady Brass 6 Creedmoor Primer is BR-2 Tubbs 115 DTAC RBT Powder is H4350 Bartlein Barrel 1 / 7.5 twist at 26” Surgeon Action KMW Stock
  2. K

    Hunting & Fishing Under Armour

    I will be hunting in Wi this year for deer. Temps in the teens morning and eve's, highs in the 20's day time. I am looking to purchase Under Armour, however, even with their layer system it certainly does not seem as if it would provide enough warmth in said temps. I will also be doing some...
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    Hunting & Fishing Coyote Hunting St Louis AO

    I have been out a few times with marginal luck. Anyone have some great areas to hunt in the St Louis, Mo AO. I dont mind driving up to 2 hrs if the hunting is good.
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    Gunsmithing Armorer St Louis Area

    Looking for an Armorer in the St Louis, Mo area that does AR work. Thanks in advance.
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    Ranges / Comps Near St. Louis, MO?

    I just relocated to St. Louis, Mo. Does anyone know of any good outdoor rifle ranges and/or comps that go on in the area? I am willing to drive, no issues there. Thanks S/F
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    S&W MP 15-22

    I pick up my S/W MP 15-22 tomorrow, anyone having any issues or things to look out for? What about accuracy at 50 and 100 yrds?
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    Gunsmithing Mauser 99 replacement stock

    Looked and looked but can not find anyone that sells replacement stocks for a Mauser 99 in 270 win, anyone have any ideas where i can pick one up?? Thanks S/F
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    POF P308 Barrel Replacement

    Has anyone replaced there barrel on there POF P308 yet? I have chance to purchase an extra barrel at this time and need to know what "special instructions" or needs i have to provide to the barrel maker, IE size, gas hole size etc. Thanks in advance.
  9. K

    POF Accuracy

    what kind of groups are you all getting with a 20" POF shooting M118LR?
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    Gunsmithing Buffer / Spring POF ?

    I need to purchase a buffer and spring for a PRS Magpul stock that is on a POF .308. Does anyone know the spring and buffer i need to go with and does anyone here on the Hide sell them? Thanks in advance
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    Gunsmithing Mag Catch Spring POF 308

    Does anyone know the length of the Magazine Catch Spring for a POF in 308? Purchased new bullet button (Prince50) and it does not come with a spring. Looking to head to Ace Hardware and purchase one or cut one down. S/F
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    Gunsmithing Bullet Button

    ?, does anyone know the manufacture that makes the California Bullet Button that can be turned 180 degrees to make it work as a normal mag release and then switched back. This would be for a POF in 7.62 S/F