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  1. sfogold

    Avenal Unkown Distance Match

    During the last weekend, my teammate and I had the opportunity to attend the first UKD or Unknown Distance Match held at Avenal. For a first event, it seemed to operate without a hitch, and I found a very enjoyable event. The targets were generous, as was thankfully the time at each station...
  2. sfogold

    PRS Talk California Sharpshooter Showdown

    This last weekend, MDs Ryan Kerr and Charles Roberts hosted their first PRS match in Bakersfield. The location was fantastic. Close to the freeway, 10 min to Bakersfield, 4 hours from Bay Area, 4 hours from Sacramento, 3 from LA and 3 1/2 from Vegas. It was a good location for a lot of...