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  1. Mcordell

    Firearms SOLD Beretta Bobcat 21a Covert FDE 22LR - - Suppressor Ready (Mini M9A3)

    As new. Was purchased from my local sportsman warehouse. I have put roughly 50rds through it. Very cool gun and runs flawless even with subs. Includes: Original box, padded case, paperwork Extras: + 2 OEM Magazines (purchased separately) for a total of 3 magazines Price: $489...
  2. Mcordell

    Accessories Desert Tech SRS 338 LM Bolt Assembly - - Right Hand

    New right handed bolt assembly from Desert Tech. Bolt was Inspected by DT from their recent recall just to make sure all was good. It’s as new, all I did was hand cycle a few rounds in after I got it back. I sold my SRS A2 and no longer need it. Price: $315 Shipped CONUS Payment: PayPal as...
  3. Mcordell

    Accessories SOLD Atlas Super Cal BT72-LW17

    As new. Used once and it’s been a safe queen otherwise. This is the model with the ADM QD mount. Price: $349 Shipped CONUS Payment: PayPal as gift or add fees or Zelle
  4. Mcordell

    Optics SOLD ZCO 5-27 MPCT3 w/Spuhr Mount

    As new. I purchased the optic new in April and the mount was purchased from Mile High. Only taken to the range once. ZCO 5-27 MPCT3 Spuhr SP-6602 (20 MOA 1.5 Height) Includes box, bikini cover and scope coat etc Price: $3699 Shipped / Insured CONUS Payment: PayPal as gift or add fees or Zelle
  5. Mcordell

    Firearms SOLD Desert Tech SRS A2 6.5 CM w/ SAC Barrel ** Now parting out **

    SRS A2 Chasis in FDE 6.5/308 conversion kit (minus factory barrel) SAC 26” Bartlein Barrel cerakoted to match the chassis. 1/8 Twist & threaded 5-8x24. I have over $5k in this rig as it sits and it’s hardly been fired. This entire setup is in like new condition. I am the only owner and...
  6. Mcordell

    Firearms SOLD LMT MWS Complete Lower

    I had plans to get a KAC or LMT upper to finish this off but I need the funds for another project. Lower is in good shape with very little use and shows minor signs of wear. LMT MWS 308 Lower LMT Small Parts (pins and assembly parts) Geissele SSA-E Radian Talon Ambi Safety Magpul UBR Stock...
  7. Mcordell

    Night Vision SOLD Steiner DBAL A-4 Green Vis

    You don’t see these pop up very often. This is the Steiner DBAL A-4. Performance is very similar to the MAWL and it also has a visible light built in. The Illuminator has a flood and LR setting that can be toggled between by a long or short press. This Illuminator is powerful (not like the...
  8. Mcordell

    Firearms SOLD - - Staccato P Duo 9mm - - Hard Chrome / Tuxedo

    Beautiful Staccato 2011 up for grabs. This is the newest variant of their P Duo line. I purchased it brand new from Sportsman Warehouse. I have put an honest 50rds through it. Shoots like a dream and is buttery smooth. I never mounted an optic or removed the rear sight. I just can’t get use...
  9. Mcordell

    Accessories SOLD

    PPU M80 145gr FMJ - 380rds PPU M80 145gr FMJ - 120rds loose (from the same lot above) PPU 175gr Match - 20rds Lake City / Federal Ball - 23rds loose (2012 / 2013 w/NATO stamp) Lake City Federal Orange Tip Tracers - 10rds Partial Boxes: PPU M80 145gr FMJ - 12rds PMC XTAC Match 175gr - 11rds...
  10. Mcordell

    Accessories PPU 308 / 7.62x51 NATO M80 - - 340rds

    Partially full 500rd case here. 340rds in 20rd sealed boxes. Price: $299 Shipped CONUS Payment: PayPal as gift or add fees or Zelle
  11. Mcordell

    Accessories Desert Tech SRS A2 RH 338 Bolt Assembly

    As new. Has an honest 5rds fired on it. This bolt was inspected by DT as I had to send my 6.5 bolt in for the recall I sent this one as well to ensure it was good to go. I am getting out of 338 and won’t be purchasing a custom barrel like I planned. Price: $325 Shipped CONUS Payment: PayPal...
  12. Mcordell

    Accessories SOLD

    I have 100rds up for grabs (5 x 20rd boxes) Hornady ELD Match 147gr Price: $249 Shipped CONUS Payment: PayPal as gift or add fees or Zelle
  13. Mcordell

    Optics SOLD ADM Delta 34mm QD Mount w/Titanium Levers Tan

    SOLD American Defense Cantilever Delta Series 34mm w/ Titanium QD Levers in Tan. As new. This was never fielded, only mocked up briefly. I bought it new from Midway last month. ADM part number AD-DELTA-34-STD-FDE-TL Price: $169 Shipped CONUS (these are $245 new) Payment; PayPal as a gift or...
  14. Mcordell

    Accessories SOLD Federal / South African 7.62x51 NATO

    Battle packs are SOLD Federal is SOLD Selling off a little 7.62x51 NATO. 380rds - Federal XM80CL FMJ 149gr 280rds - South African R1M1 Ball 146gr 660rds total Prices: Federal Lot - $339 Shipped CONUS South African - $249 Shipped CONUS All of it - - $579 Shipped Comes out to $0.90 CPR...
  15. Mcordell

    Accessories SOLD Hornady 338LM 285gr ELD Match Case - 120rds

    SOLD I have 1 case up for grabs (120rds). Includes 6 x 20rd boxes. Hornady ELD Match 285gr Price: $540 Shipped CONUS ($90 per box delivered .... quite a bit cheaper than anywhere I can find) Payment: PayPal as gift or add fees or Zelle
  16. Mcordell

    Firearms SOLD Springfield Saint Victor 5.56 16” B5 Edition

    Brand new unfired. Springfield Saint Victor 5.56 16” “B5” model. Includes the B5 Sopmod stock and grip. Price: $999 Shipped CONUS Payment: PayPal as gift or add fees or Zelle
  17. Mcordell

    Night Vision DBAL A4

    OOS now Black variant with the green vis is on sale. Thought someone else might want to try one. https://steiner-optics.myshopify.com/collections/eoptics/products/dbal-a4-ir-led-iii-and-white-light-desert-finish Anyone own one want to weigh in? They are around $2800 new. I figured at this...
  18. Mcordell

    Optics SPF Bushnell DMR II 3.5-21 FFP 34mm w/ G3 Illuminated Reticle

    New. Purchased from Midway on clearance. These are currently being blown out for $805 + tax/shipping. Bushnell DMR II w/G3 Illuminated Reticle FFP 34mm Includes box and all accessories as seen. Crazy good deal on these optics. Has Japan glass. Price: $749 Shipped CONUS Payment: PayPal as...
  19. Mcordell

    Optics SOLD Spuhr SP - 4602 34mm 1.5”

    As new. Model number 4602. 34mm 1.5” Height 20 MOA Used it very briefly on a safe queen. Includes hardware, paperwork, wedge as it would new. Price: $349 Shipped CONUS Payment: PayPal as gift or Zelle
  20. Mcordell

    Accessories SOLD Desert Tech SRS A2 338 LM Conversion Kit 26” RH ** Minus Bolt **

    SOLD ** Due to the potential for the bolt falling within the recent bolt recall by DT I will just be selling for the barrel for now, although I was told this conversion kit sat on the shelf for 4-5 months before purchase I would rather be safe than sorry ** Basically brand new. I purchased...