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  1. cattleman99

    WTB KRG Tool-less buttpad

    If you don’t have any luck with a private sale, shoot me a message and we can get you taken care of!
  2. cattleman99

    Accessories Atlas Bipods

  3. cattleman99

    Accessories Olight Weapon Lights

    To the top!
  4. cattleman99

    Accessories MagnetoSpeed V3

    Ready to ship!
  5. cattleman99

    Accessories Leofoto Tripods and accessories

    Give me a call and we can set you up. (402) 840-5260
  6. cattleman99

    Accessories Leofoto Tripods and accessories

    $450 shipped for the demo tripod!
  7. cattleman99

    Accessories KRG Products

    To the top!
  8. cattleman99

    Accessories Badger 1500 Lumen flashlights

    To the top
  9. cattleman99

    Accessories Fix it Sticks for sale!

    To the top
  10. cattleman99

    Accessories Viper Barrel Vise

    Bump! Tons of happy buyers. Change your barrels at home with ease and without breaking the bank!
  11. cattleman99

    Accessories Atlas Bipods

    We have several models in stock. They can be found here on our website - https://snyderprecision.com/b-t-industries/
  12. cattleman99

    Accessories KRG Bravo Remington 700 Short Action - Every Color in Stock!

    Unfortunately I don't know of any used ones floating around. We aren't able to get that one currently either. Hopefully that changes in the future
  13. cattleman99

    Reloading Equipment 112 gr Matchburners for sale

    We have (5) 100 round boxes of 112 gr 6mm Matchburners in stock - https://snyderprecision.com/barnes-112-gr-matchburner/
  14. cattleman99

    Accessories Demo Atlas BT46 NC Bipods

    Yes, my mistake. BT46 NC
  15. cattleman99

    WTB WTB: CZ 457 stock or chassis

    Interested in the KRG Bravo by chance? They have an aluminum backbone with a polymer exterior. They are plenty stiff while still maintaining a lightweight platform. If you are interested, we can certainly help you out! www.snyderprecision.com
  16. cattleman99

    WTB MDT SRS Buttstock

    Hey! I would be happy to help you out on a new one. I will shoot you a message.
  17. cattleman99

    WTB WTB KRG Whiskey 3 Chassis Folding Stock R700SA Enclosed Fore end

    Hey! We can definitely get you set up and make the price a lot better. I will shoot you a message.
  18. cattleman99

    Accessories Fix it Sticks All-in-One Kit

    https://snyderprecision.com/all-in-one-torque-driver-kit/ The All-In-One kit