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  1. pinhead

    Ammo WTS: 243 Ammo, 95 Gr SST - 761 Rounds

    I have 761 rounds of 243 made by Southwest Ammo with the Hornady SST 95 gr bullet. $1.75 per round + shipping.
  2. pinhead

    Reloading Equipment Peterson 375 Cheytac Brass .585/Lapua Bolt face

    Selling 230 pieces of Peterson 375 Cheytac brass with a rebated rim, so Lapua .585 bolt face I picked up a while back from Tubb. These are once fired, a handful are virgin. $2 per shipped conus.
  3. pinhead

    SOLD WTS: Desert Tech SRS A1 260

    Changing gears and unloading one of my Desert Tech chassis. Comes with the newer A2 bolt, one Mag, and an unfired DT factory Lothar 260 Remington barrel. $3100 shipped to your FFL, from Michigan.
  4. pinhead

    SOLD WTS: Desert Tech SRS/Covert FDE skins

    Selling a set of unused never mounted FDE skins for Desert Tech right hand A1. May fit an A2 as well. SOLD
  5. pinhead

    Reloading Equipment WTT: CCI 400 for CCI 200, NW Detroit area

    I have a box of 1,000 CCI 400 small rifle primers. I am running very low on CCI 200 large rifle primers, so I would like to do a f2f in SE Michigan. You cannot buy LRP anywhere without paying a stupid price, so my only bargaining chip is a trade. Therefore, are not for sale, trade only. PM me.
  6. pinhead

    Reloading Equipment WTB: 25-06 dies

    Looking to reload some 25-06 for a buddy of mine. I’d rather give someone on here some cash instead of an online store. I also need a 25-06 modified case for the Hornady tool. Let me know what you have. Out of curiosity, do most people use a 30-06 bushing die then just change the bushing to...
  7. pinhead

    Accessories Desert Tech Bolt kit - partial

    Desert Tech bolt, missing a few pieces. Main bolt body, with bolt head and knob Spring Firing pin Rear “nut” for lack of a better term Seem to be missing the outside portion that slides as well as the inside portion between the spring and the firing pin. $150 shipped
  8. pinhead

    SOLD: Desert Tech SRSA1 Handguard

    Selling a FDE full length handguard for the SRS-A1. Not mounted. $300 shipped.
  9. pinhead

    SOLD: Magnetospeed Pic Rail Mount

    Sold Moving a Magnetospeed mount that I’m not using. I think this is version 2 or 3. Fully adjustable. $40 shipped.
  10. pinhead

    Sierra Load Data app for iPhone/Android

    I posted this in a different forum, but thought I would highlight for others as well. Sierra has essentially published their 6th edition Reloading Book on a free app for iPhone and Android that contains load data for their bullets. Just pick your caliber, pick your bullet, and use the slider...
  11. pinhead

    SOLD: Desert Tech 6.5 SAUM Conversion

    6.5 SAUM, 27”, 8 twist, FDE cerakote, 5/8-24, spun by Ty Frehner/DMR Rifles. No neck turn, believe a standard GAP spec chamber. 460 rounds. Puts Hornady 140’s at 3050 FPS in the same hole and Berger 130’s at 3180 FPS, well under 1/2”. Tried a few other bullets as well; 143 ELDX, Nosler 140...
  12. pinhead

    SOLD: 300 Norma Ammo- partial box

    I have a partial box of Norma 300 Norma Mag ammo. 230 gr Berger Hybrid bullets. I sold the 300 Norma a while ago and this is left over. 13 out of a 20 rd box. $30 shipped.
  13. pinhead

    SOLD: 6MM Berger 105 Hybrid -175 count

    175 left out of a 500 count box. I shoot mostly DTACs now a days.
  14. pinhead

    WTS: Accurate Mag - 308 5 round

    Want to sell an 5 round metal Accurate Mag 308. Only used to cycle a few rounds indoors. It doesn’t latch real easy into my bottom metal, but the PMAGs work perfectly. So I’m going to pick up a couple of them and sell this. $60 shipped.
  15. pinhead

    SOLD: Criterion Remage 6xc package - Barrel, brass, dies, go gauge, trimmer

    Moving a package I haven’t used in a while and I have other things that need attention. Criterion Remage 6xc SS barrel, nut, and recoil lug. Varmint contour, threaded 5/8-24, finished at 26”, 8 twist. 180 rounds fired with 105 Berger’s and load data will be provided. Little Crow Gunworks 6xc...
  16. pinhead

    SOLD: 6.5x284 Norma brass - 72 pcs

    Cleaning up a bit and found 72 pcs of 6.5x284 Norma stamped brass. I got these a while back as part of a larger trade but ended up going 6.5 SAUM. They were once fired so I decapped, tumbled, and annealed them. $60 shipped conus. PP gift or +4%, trade for 260 Lapua or 6.5 SAUM brass.
  17. pinhead

    Found: Giraud 308 Case holder

    Found Before I order one, maybe there’s one sitting on a reloading bench somewhere, lonely, neglected, collecting dust. I will trade you my cash for your case holder.
  18. pinhead

    SOLD: Prime Ammunition - 6.5 Creed - 374 rounds

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 374 rounds of Prime 6.5 Creedmoor; one sealed case of 200 rounds and one opened case with 174 rounds. Paid $532, shot up $35 worth of ammo, selling for $480 shipped conus. Paypal Friends & Family or Paypal Gift +4%. I may re-box them to fit into a large flat rate box; TBD.
  19. pinhead

    SOLD: Lyman Case Prep center

    Lightly used, under 200 cases. The pictures show all the brass fragments that’s been ever trimmed by the tool so it’s been used pretty lightly. Comes with all the brushes, dry lube and everything else that is shown in the pictures. Very quiet system but I’m going with a Giraud. $80 +...
  20. pinhead

    WTS/WTT: Whidden 6xc Micrometer Seater and Bushing FL Die set

    Want to sell a extra 6xc Whidden die set, used. $150 obo shipped. Bushings not included. PayPal F&F or PayPal G&S +4%, or if you prefer another form of payment just ask me. I can also make a package deal if you need more 6xc stuff. I use the 6xc in my Desert Tech and was going to build a...