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  1. supercorndogs

    300 blackout subs

    I have a bunch of 700x and 180g BT bullets. I also have 150g bullet mold. Anyone shooting subsonic in 300BLK with 700x. IT would be a 16" barrel. Suppressed, pistol length gas, hoping to make it run.
  2. supercorndogs

    Optics WTS Nikon monarch 2.5-10x42 mil dot

    Its in good shape, I have the box and I will include a set of Burris low rings it is mounted in. 270 dollars shipped and insured
  3. supercorndogs

    Nice MR President.

  4. supercorndogs

    Case neck Donuts

    I have some 8 or 9 times fired Lapau 22-250 brass. When running fired brass into my FL, it drags the expander ball on what feels like a very small portion of the neck right above the shoulder junction. Is it possible to get a donut on brass that has never been neck turned? How would I check...
  5. supercorndogs

    Reloading Equipment WTT 20 cal booolits.

    I have a bunch of 32g nosler hpfb bullets. I would like to trade for some 40g bullets to try out.
  6. supercorndogs

    Grandma turns 99 too-mar-ow.

    There are not too many left anymore who lived through the great depression. Or lived in a single room homestead on the prairie for that matter. Not too many who lived almost as long without electricity as with it. There probably aren't too many souls quicker laugh at themselves. Or make a...
  7. supercorndogs

    WTB YHM 5.56 QD 1/2x28

    Pm me what you have and price.
  8. supercorndogs

    WTB 3-12 LRHS or 2-10 Razor

    Pm me what you have and a price.
  9. supercorndogs

    SOLD WTS Leupold MK5 3.6-18 TMR MIL/MIL

    Comes with box and everything it came with new. I will also include a set of Warne mountain lite 35mm low rings it is mounted in. 1600 PP friends and family.
  10. supercorndogs

    Accessories WTT 2lb Huber 2 stage

    For Giessele super 700 trigger. Remington 700 2 stage Huber with bolt stop lever 2lbs.
  11. supercorndogs

    Stick or release? News at 6:30...........pm

    I prepped everything last night and decided to go ahead and mix some Devcon, spray the action with mold release, and drop it in. The anticipation waiting to pull it apart is the same every time.
  12. supercorndogs

    How fast the weather can turn.

    Towner school bus tragedy. A March blizzard. https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/pleasant-hill-memorial
  13. supercorndogs

    Water leak.

    My tenant calls me the other day and tells me he has no hot water. He said I came home and the hot water heater was off and no hot water, so he lit the pilot. I told him it would take some time to heat up the tank, and let know if he had none the next day. None the next day either, so I head...
  14. supercorndogs

    pillar bedding.

    I know gorilla glue is good for your hair, but is it ok to glue in pillars with? I am Waiting for some Devcon so I can bed it.
  15. supercorndogs

    You ever get bored?

    Waiting for the sun to come up, so you can go to the range?
  16. supercorndogs

    SOLD WTS 18" BHW SPR barrel

    200 shipped and insured
  17. supercorndogs

    Accessories WTS Satern Brownelle's 6.5 Grendel barrel

    I have a Satern/ marked brownelle's stainless 18", mid gas, threaded 5/8x24 barrel. It has about 400 rounds on it. 215 shipped and insured. Trade for ar-15 sights, red dot, 2-10 scope, 120 class 6.5 projectiles.
  18. supercorndogs

    Reloading Equipment WTT 140 Hornady HPBT

    I have I 500 box of Hornady HPBT 140 bullets. I want something in the 100-123 range for a 6.5 Grendel.
  19. supercorndogs

    SOLD WTS Aero M4E1 upper receiver +15" handgaurd.

    Its the one in this picture. Its like knew are almost like I never shoot this upper so I parted it out. Receiver and handgaurd only 250 shipped and insured. This is the enhanced upper receiver, and not the one with standard threads for an ar barrel nut.
  20. supercorndogs


    Like new with box and accessories. 600 shipped and insured.