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  1. J

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Holster for a 1911 6-inch hunter?

    I have on the way a LS Hunter with a 6-inch barrel. Who can make a holster to fit this pistol? I don't want a holster for a 5-inch pistol with the end sticking out. Thanks for suggestions.
  2. J

    Sidearms & Scatterguns New to 1911

    I've bought a 1911 from one of the guys on here (a Para LS Hunter 10mm) and would like advice on where to go from here. I haven't shot a 1911 since I qualified in '63. Where is good info regarding care, feeding, maintenance, etc. I'm already loading 10 mm so I didn't want to go with .45...
  3. J

    Sidearms & Scatterguns 1911 safety?

    Being a lefty and kinda interested in a 1911, I see that most do not have an ambi safety. Is this a simple add-on, or do these manufacturers not care about the 15% of the population that is left handed? Thanks...
  4. J

    Brass issue

    Was shooting my .35 Whelan in my T/C Encore yesterday and after the first shot the breech face was covered in smut and the bore was really black. On the second shot, the primer backed out a little and on the 10 shots after, nothing noticeable at all. The first cartridge appeared to have blown...
  5. J

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Some powder

    I just found some AA #9 at Powder Valley and some IMR 800-X at 3rd generation for anyone interested. Quantities limited...
  6. J

    Sidearms & Scatterguns 10 mm brass

    Starline has (had) 10 mm brass in stock as of 4:12 pm central.
  7. J

    pistol die question??

    I have a set of 40/10mm pistol dies, which I have used to load .40 S&W; I'm getting a 10mm Mod 20 Glock. I saw on one of the auction sites the other day a set of 10mm dies ($65.00). Is this something special or were these made before the 40 S & W?
  8. J

    Strange message on site?

    Fatal error: Memcache is not installed in [path]/includes/class_datastore.php on line 185 I don't know enough about computers to know what this is. I'm running a Mac.
  9. J

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Gen. 4 Glock 20; opinion and availability

    I'm thinking I want a Glock 20. Anyone have any personal experience with the Gen 4 and know where to find one? Thanks...
  10. J

    Sidearms & Scatterguns 1911 barrel question?

    I've never owed (or shot) a 1911, but am interested in a Kimber Super Carry. What is the difference in velocity between a 5, 4 and 3-inch barrel? Thanks.
  11. J

    Hornady Varmit 60 grain SP

    I just got some of these bullets so as to have something to shoot. Is the data the same as for the 60-grain VMax or Amax? Couldn't find either bullets for sale anywhere. Thanks...
  12. J

    Magpul PRS - WTF?

    I recently got a Rock River Predator Pursuit that had been pimped a little and which sported a Magpul CTR. Needing more eye relief, since not much is furnished by the 6-inch rail on top of the receiver, I put on a rifle tube, spring, buffer and an old A-2 stock I had in a drawer. Rifle was...
  13. J

    receipe for homemade case lube

    I had the formula for spray lube saved on the site before the recent upgrade and don't remember the exact proportions. I have lanolin, caster oil and denatured alcohol (as well as several types of non-denatured alcohol). As well as I can remember it was 80% lanolin, and 10% each of caster...
  14. J

    question on AR/Varget load?

    I found a guy on ARFCom touting a 25.6 gr. Varget load for a 69 gr. SMK claimed to be .35 in his RR Predator Pursuit, one of which I have. This is not over the max load for a .223 bolt gun, but has anyone shot this in an AR? I've loaded up 10, but wanted to ask before touching them off. Thanks...
  15. J

    Hunting & Fishing Limbsaver customer service

    Thought I'd post this here since most snipers don't use Limbsaver recoil pads. The pad on my Encore started getting sticky and appeared to be going south. I emailed Marci, the customer service manager at Limbsaver (Sims Laboratory), explained the situation and she replied that they had a batch...
  16. J

    Swap out Magpul CTR?

    I just got a Rock River Predator Pursuit which had been fired a few times and customized some and came with a Magpul CTR stock. It is too short. I can't get proper eye relief on my scope and am just kind of scrunched up. Is this a carbine length tube? and will I have to put on a rifle length...
  17. J

    69 gr. Fed. Gold Medal Match ?

    Anyone got a load approximating FGMM with a 69 gr. matchking? I've got a big box of bullets and a precision 20" 1 in 8 AR on the way. Sierra's data is kind of on the mild side sometimes. Thanks.
  18. J

    I have this old Rem. A3

    I have an old 1903-A3 which I traded for several years ago and is sitting in my gun case. The bore is dark, but it doesn't appear to have ever been fired. It has the original sling, which is somewhat dried and cracked, but shows no sign of use, and the little tool kit (or whatever it is) is...
  19. J

    logging off?

    Why does my computer log off of the site every time I go to another site? My ipad stays on forever???
  20. J

    Maggie’s new German MG

    I didn't know where else to put this, or if everyone had seen it. If not, enjoy... LiveLeak.com - HK 121 - General Purpose Machine Gun (comments)