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    Reloading Equipment .224 90gr. A-tips, all one lot

    14 boxes (1400ct) of a single lot .224 Hornady 90gr A-Tips, $950 shipped insured to the lower 48.
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    Firearms Barrett MRAD SMR .308 17”

    2 more mags arrived that I‘d forgotten I ordered. $3550 with 5 mags.
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    My Rifle Eats Everything .... Better than Yours

    Next, he’s going to tell us he did it without a structured barrel! 😉
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    New Zeiss scope (ELR)

    @Golfman, why don’t you just tell us how you know this? It looks like you were asking for confirmation that someone has seen it in person - but what’s your basis for stating it’s coming?
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    Accessories AW 308 mags

    I will take them. PM incoming
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    Hoplite Arms

    actually, looking at it longer, I‘m wondering if the very bottom portion actually resides below where the case rim will be?
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    Hoplite Arms

    Theis, this is fascinating to watch. For those of us who have never seen a metal 3d printed part in person, can you share whether what we see on the case rim is an artifact of the process or an intentional design feature?
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    .22 WMR, Honandy critical defense

    It’s far from precision ammo, but what twist were you shooting it out of? Not grouping is one thing, but keyholing is another.