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  1. Kingbird87

    Rifle Scopes Swarovski Scope help

    Good call on the sunshade. I am sold on Swarovski for a hunting scope. I have an old Nova A 3x9x36 and it has been beat every which way and never needs to be rezero'd no matter what I clumsily do to it. I also have a Z6 and the X5. The glass is amazing. I even have a Kahles ZF84 and no matter...
  2. Kingbird87

    Rifle Scopes Swarovski Scope help

    I checked my Swarovski X5i 3.5x18x50 about fifteen times. The majority came out as 56.80mm. If you want me to check the sunshade, I will be happy to, but visually, it is exactly the same as the objective bell.
  3. Kingbird87

    Any preferences for slings for competition shooting?

    http://www.lestamslings.com/ There is only one thing I own that I am absolutely certain is the very best in the world and crafted by someone who is so skillful that he has virtually reinvented a product that is over a hundred years old. I have known Les Tam for many years, and spent several...
  4. Kingbird87

    Spotters Post your Spotting scope images!

    Carl Zeiss Aus Jena 63/420 Asiola DDR East German Spotter I first saw these for sale in West Germany around 1985 as some came in from behind the Iron Curtain and were for sale at the Rhein Main AB Rod and Gun Club. Finally got one from a guy in Florida last year, the first two pictures are his...
  5. Kingbird87


    They aren't hard to come by around these parts...
  6. Kingbird87

    Night Vision Flying with night Vision

    Great and not so great memories, Mudburner! I was flying HC-130's Combat Rescue out of the 33rd ARRS at Kadena. We also had HH-53's and later. they were sent to become Pave Low modified and we got HH-3's. We had Detachments at Osan and Clark and kept busy flying long Low Level comm out air...
  7. Kingbird87

    Night Vision Flying with night Vision

    I flew with AN-PVS-4's 40 years ago on Low Level routes through the Northern Cordillera Mountains of Luzon. Still have recurring neck pain and flashbacks of logging cables and being unable to climb over obstacles...