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  1. Emilio

    6X45 questions

    Does anyone here shoot the 6X45? I'm planning a build and would like a little info. I would like to shoot the 107 HPBT and would like to know what barrel length you have and what twist. If possible also. the COAL for the 6X45 using the 107ge. Thank you.
  2. Emilio

    Gunsmithing McMillan rifle stocks - company sold??

    I just got the call this week that my McMillan is done. I ordered it on Feb. 2nd.
  3. Emilio

    Rifle Scopes SS HD 5-20x50 or NF 3-15 ?

    I have both and have used both in matches and training. I would have to go with the ss5-20.
  4. Emilio

    Sidearms & Scatterguns 1911 grips - need recommendation

    I run gunner grips on mine. They may be a little aggressive but they come with sand paper to trim them down a bit.
  5. Emilio

    Sierra 155 grain Palma bullet in a Garand

    I've used them both in my M1 and my M1A. They shot just fine. I went with the IMR 4064 load that was the accuracy load in the Sierra book at the time.
  6. Emilio

    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    khw9mm, I work at Infinity Ward. I'm passing ^ around. These guys are going to love it.
  7. Emilio

    Movie Theater Actor you hate . . . and that hatred is irrational, unreasonable, pointless.

    Jim Carrey. I have never understood why people think he is/was funny. He just seems to act like a dumb ass.
  8. Emilio

    Hunting & Fishing CA Deer Hunters

    I didn't get a tag this year but my dad got X1.
  9. Emilio

    F T/R Competition F-Open-if you were gonna build

    Have you looked into the 6.5 Super LR? I'm having one built right now.
  10. Emilio

    Maggie’s What are you drinking right now!?

    Ice Water.
  11. Emilio

    Gunsmithing Getting Devcon locally?

    Tag because they are all in my area.
  12. Emilio

    Movie Theater Anybody Watch Street Outlaws?

    Things have changed a lot from when I use to race.
  13. Emilio

    6.5 Super LR Loads

    I just ordered a reamer and some dies. Does anyone have any loads they can share?
  14. Emilio

    6.5 Super LR Loads

    Anyone ? ?
  15. Emilio

    6.5 Super LR Loads

    I just ordered a reamer and a set of dies for the 6.5Super LR. Is there anyone that would like to share loads? Thanks.
  16. Emilio

    Movie Theater New COD trailer

    Sorry, shameless plug. We just released trailer today. Call of Duty: Ghosts Masked Warriors Teaser Trailer - YouTube
  17. Emilio

    Wolf Primers?

    That is all I shoot in my 6mmBR, 6.5mm BR and my PALMA rifle. ES has dropped to single digit.
  18. Emilio

    6.5BR with 130gr VLD

    As long as it works. ;) I have a good load for the 123 that I just may lighten up and try.
  19. Emilio

    6.5BR with 130gr VLD

    Has anyone tried the Berger 130gr VLD in a 6.5 BR? Any load recomendations?
  20. Emilio

    Range Report SWA 175g SMK speed?

    I was getting 2550 out od a 20" barrel.