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  1. J

    Left Hand Sale 224 Valkyrie Origin build

    I've never seen this gun in person, but I have yet to see an A&O chambered gun that didn't shoot lights out. GLWS.
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    Reloading Equipment Missouri Trading Thread

    I think I have a trade lined out with another member. But if things change, I'll circle back with you. (y)
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    Reloading Equipment Missouri Trading Thread

    I have a fresh 8 lbs jug of H4350 that I would like to trade for Varget. I have a few unopened 1 pounders of 4350 I could trade for lesser amounts, but I'd prefer to trade jug for jug. I'm in the KC area.
  4. J

    Where to get ammo now post

    Thanks! Been needing some CenterX.
  5. J

    SOLD WTS .300 win mag brass

    I will take the 100 primed Norma. PM incoming.
  6. J

    Where to get ammo now post

    Thank you very much for this share. I've never done business with Whidden Gunworks prior, but that will change now. Ordered 2k and they have already given me a tracking number for the order. Great price and fantastic service . . . two things that are in short supply these days.
  7. J

    Optics WTB Tangent 5-25 Gen3XR
  8. J

    Optics Tangent Theta’s

    Fantastic glass from a great guy. You know you want a TT. 👹
  9. J

    SOLD Tangent Theta gen 2XR

    I'll take it.
  10. J

    Where to get ammo now post

    Thanks for this. I picked up a few bricks. It will be interesting to test these against subsonic match rounds (especially given the discussions elsewhere on here around regarding transonic performance - myth based on inapplicable centerfire projectile ballistics, or a universal accuracy killer...
  11. J

    Feedback Help with likely scam

    This has been said many times before (after similar screwings) . . . you should apply heightened scrutiny to folks replying in PMs to WTB postings. Fraudsters like to take advantage of folks looking for hard to find items because they are the most likely to overlook red flags due from tunnel...
  12. J

    Left Hand Sale LH XLR Envy 700SA 750.00 Shipped

    Ha! If I hadn't bought the Envy JV Pro for a 22lr build the day before this posted, I would have already snagged this. GLWS
  13. J

    Left Hand Sale LH XLR Envy 700SA 750.00 Shipped

    I need that thumb rest. 🤣 but seriously...
  14. J

    SOLD WTS: Vortex Viper PST Gen2 - 5-25x50 FFP - EBR-7C

    I’ll take it. Pm on the way.
  15. J

    Accessories WTB - XLR Thumb Rest and Bag Rider

    Just picked up an XLR Envy kit for my kid's 22lr build and would like to add a thumb rest and bag rider if possible. They seem to be OOS online. If you have one or the other (or both would be awesome) laying around that you could spare, please let me know. Thank you.
  16. J

    Anyone have experience with Winchester's #41 SRP?

    Keep on the lookout. Grafts had a bunch of 5k cases a couple days ago that were about $50 per box, which I assume will be the going price for those going forward.
  17. J

    Federal Match AR Primers

    You should be all set then to kill that barrel. 🤣👍
  18. J

    Reloading Equipment Berger 105 Hybrids available on Graf and Sons

    Thanks for the heads up. Grabbed a couple boxes. Wish I could get more than 2. Comes to about $58 per 100 with shipping. I may start shooting A-Tips exclusively. :)