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    Reloading Equipment Thread disappeared

    I got an email about a thread on Reloadunlimeted But the thread disappeared. Is that site a scam? They seem too good to be true until you hit the debit card page
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    Winchester 223 vs 556 brass

    I've got a mix of Winchester brass that I want to load near book max for 556. Headstamps Winchester 223 Win 556 WC 556 Should I separate out the 223 or is it all the same?
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    300 black bolt pistol

    I have a YHU ULT and silencerco harvester 30. Also a 300 black ar15 that doesn't impress me with subs (noise wise). Would cutting the SLR gas block help much? Otherwise what is on the market for a pistol bolt gun that uses AR15 magazines? I'd accept regular 16 inch bolt with AR15 magazines.
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    Sealing primers

    I bought some brass thats loose in the primer pockets. Would be fine in a bolt gun, but I plan to use it in a rather violent ar10. What sealant, paint, glue etc would help Or Is crimped primers the only way. I have picked up plenty of range brass with a red lacquer or something around the...
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    BAR safari mount

    a coworker has a 20 plus year old BAR safari and he's willing to finally go beyond see through mounts and Tasco. He has a $400 budget and I can probably get him an ok deer scope, but may be 30mm body. Any body got experience putting glass on an old BAR?
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    737R reaction rod needed?

    I need to swap barrels on my Impact 737R. But I left the reaction rod 3 hours away. I can get to a barrel vice. Can I use the chassis and spuhr mount for leverage or do I risk breaking something? Main priority is removing the current barrel. I can torque the replacement later.
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    Firearms 7 SAW PRS rifle $3300

    complete prs package with brass, dies, weights, and break in bullets. Also good for the NRL hunting games because way above 380 power factor and wind cheater caliber. minus glass. Asking $3300 shipped with dies. $3150 without dies as I sold the dies and am awaiting replacements. 7 saw type...
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    SOLD 77TMK x 1500 $540

    77gr Sierra tipped match kings 1500 for $540 shipped. 1000 for $365 500 for $185 shipped. Must sell all 1500 or none. I have way more lead than primers. Frown. Price dropped. I was asking too much.
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    Reloading Equipment 62gr Hornaday fmj x 5000

    5000 hornady 62gr fmj. NOT m855 with the steel insert. $1000 shipped. $210 per thousand shipped if split up. Preference to someone who takes them all. I like these bullets but I have more lead than primers so...
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    SOLD 75 hpbt x 1500

    these are Hornaday 75gr hpbt bless from midsouth. 15 unopened boxes of 100 but I'll look through them if requested. I've had them for months but can't justify the primers or powder to work up a load. I value bulk 55gr for 3 gun more. $320 shipped for 1500. For smaller amounts figure $0.20 per...
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    manual beam scale

    whats a reasonable manual beam scale. $100 max. Would mostly be to set up progressives, but might occasionally use it to validate a scale.
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    6.8spc powders

    so H110 is magic for 300 black supers, but whats the best choices for 6.8 and 90gr gold dots? I got h110 and xterminater already. Don't mind waiting to find better in stock.
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    Manufacturing primers

    so a friend was interested in this until we figured out how dangerous it really is. Had a low 6 figure investor on board. Friend has a business and land and insurance and machine shop. I'm a mechanical engineer so could figure out the mechanical side. Another friend knows a chemical engineer who...
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    308 bullets too short

    I've been using speer 125 tnt on 308 ar10 for a while and like it. Just loading to 2.7 coal. Turns out I can drop a bullet in the chamber and put an empty brass behind it, close the bolt, and the bullet rattles around. What is the bad of this. I'm guessing gas and powder blow by the bullet...
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    Powder charge from SMK to TMK

    In 223 I have 24.6 to 24.9 gr of TAC doing pretty good with 77SMK in hotweather. I bought a box of 77TMK and wonder what the powder reduction should be considering the tip is eating up magazine length and therefore powder capacity. Book max for 77smk is 24.8gr of TAC.
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    Reloading Equipment 550 heads and conversion kits

    Free shipping on 3 items or more. $8 shipping otherwise. Will sell the 3 remaining toolheads for $80 shipped but you got to get your own bolts and washers from Lowe's. First I'll take it here with description gets said items. 3 whidden heads SPF 1 remaining whidden clamped toolhead. $30 2...
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    Anneal primed brass?

    I bought some private party 308 brass and about a third of it has an unfired primer of some sort. All is LRP brass. Can I anneal with an annealeez safely? I'm expecting no. If I can't anneal do I just deprime really slowly on the 750? Can I tumble in corn cob media and not ruin the primers?
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    300 black powder for 125TNT Speer

    So a $35 set of 300 black dies jumped in my cart last night. I have black brass and Speer 125 TNTs from my 308. Never planned to load 300 black but now... What's the go to powders? I see H110 show up in searches. Seems H4198 should be close. A friend of mine bought CFE black and likes it but...
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    FLSizing 308 problem

    I'm using one shot as my lubricant. This is 308 zqi brass from a semi and going to another semi. Bulk ammo not precision. spraying the one shot on with the brass laid flat in a plastic pan letting it dry. Then shake it up and give another shot or two. I'm not actually standing the shells up in a...
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    Mouse fart 9mm safe

    So my G34 gen 3 needs at least 130 pf to cycle. My 5 inch AR9 runs at much less 115HAP at 1.07" Max is 4.6gr of bullseye. I got down to 2.3gr and 725fps and the gun was eating it like candy though I could tell the bolt was sluggish and not hitting bottom. Recoil was 22lr like. Why aren't people...