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    SOLD Nightforce NX8 4-32X50 F2 MOA

    Used, very good condition but there are a couple minor safe marks on the bottom of the eyepiece as shown in the picture. Comes with box, docs, cloth, stickers. Model C641 $1795 shipped Will trade for same scope in FFP
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    SOLD Tikka Magazine and Bolt Stop

    New Tikka Short Mag Magazine and Short Action Bolt Stop, complete with pin and spring . New take off, just needed a long action to gain more coal. $30 shipped each
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    Accessories Bartlein Carbon Fiber Blank ******SOLD******

    I bought this from the original owner along with an action and stock. I only wanted the action and he wouldn’t separate. It does have a small scratch you can feel with your finger nail . Picture looks worse than it is, but it’s there. .256-.264 5R 8 twist, #14 contour. Length shown in pictures...
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    SOLD Iota Kremlin Stock (Tikka)

    New Iota Kremlin stock for a Tikka T3/T3x Action and bottom metal, and Proof Sendero barrel channel. I purchased this from the original owner along with an action and barrel blank. I only wanted the action, but he would not separate, so I’m selling the barrel and stock. The stripped action has...
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    Reloading Equipment WTT New 6.5CM Brass for 6.5 PRC

    Long shot , but is anyone getting out of 6.5 prc that would like to trade for new, still in the wrapper 6.5 CM Hornady Brass?
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    Reloading Equipment WTB 6.5 CM Lapua Large Rifle Primer Brass

    Looking for 100-200 pieces of 6.5 CM Lapua Brass with Large Rifle primer pockets. New or 1X fired preferred. Text 77zero 77eight 477five
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    Accessories WTB NF Tenebraex flip covers

    Looking for a set for a that would fit a 4-14x50 F1
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    Accessories SOLD

    24” Tikka T3x CTR threaded 5/8 24 bbl. 91 rds logged, let’s say 100. Nothing at all wrong with it, got bored and wanted a project, so I’m putting a Proof barrel on the action. A few minor marks from taking it off. Text 77zero 778-477five for more info/pics. It’s really not even broken in. I’m...
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    Optics Sold

    Excellent condition NXS 5.5-22x56 MOAR. Comes with everything and more that it came with from the factory. Safe queen. Only selling because I’m going to FFP. Text 77zero 77eight-477five for more info/pics. $1575 shipped. Cross posted
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    Accessories Manners EHT (Tikka) Scorched Earth

    Brand new, just delivered Manner’s EHT in Scorched Earth. It’s 100% carbon fiber and inlet for Tikka T3 CTR bottom metal, and factory tactical/varmint barrel. I had planned to put a CTR in it. I ordered it in May, but a couple months ago, I bought one off their online store that came first. This...
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    Accessories WTB Accurate Mags 308

    Looking for 5 rd short action (308) mags
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    Accessories SOLD

    Like new, don’t think I ever used it. Put the barreled action in a Manners stock w/chassis that won’t take these mags. 10 rd 308 short action family. $70 shipped
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    Accessories SOLD

    Like new MCS-T4A for a Tikka T3 inlet and factory varmint/tactical barrel profile in Midnight Camo moulded paint. This is the standard fill, with adjustable cheek piece,Atlas Rail, and 2 non rotating flush cups. I am the original owner, delivered from Manners in 2017. Had a factory CTR in it...
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    Accessories WTB Manners PRS1TK (Tikka)

    Anyone have a Manners PRS1TK (Tikka) w/ mini chassis they want to sell? Preferably Scorched Earth or something similar.
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    Reloading Equipment WTT 139 gr Lapua Scenars for 178 ELDX

    Want to trade a full 100 ct box(has been opened but full) of Lapua 139 Scenars for a full box of 178 ELDx.
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    Accessories WTB Manner’s EH-T Stock

    Looking for a Manner’s Elite Hunter Carbon Fiber Stock for a Tikka T3x CTR. Needs to have the varmint/Tactical barrel channel for a CTR barreled action to drop in.
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    Accessories Found

    Anyone have a barrel vise laying around they’re not using and want to sell?
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    Accessories SOLD

    New without the wrapper. .308/6.5/.260 model. $68 shipped.
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    Accessories WTB Seekins 30mm .92 Rings

    Looking for a good condition set of Seekins 30mm .92 Medium High Rings. Text 77zero 778-477five
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    Reloading Equipment Found

    Looking for around 50-100 new or 1X fired Lapua 308 large primer brass