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    EPA trying to ban ammo and lead sinkers

    Public comment is open on the proposed ban on Ammo Here's the link to the comment page for this topic. Go leave a comment!
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    Did this guy have ESP?

    from on 11/16/2006 11/16/2006 UK GOVERNMENT TELLS BANKS TO CONSIDER HOUSING CRASH SCENARIO :. With mainstream news like this, who needs tinfoil? BANKS in the UK have been ordered by financial regulators to assess how they would cope in the event of house prices crashing by 40...
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    m14/m1A thread count

    anyone know the thread spec for the standard flash suppressor? JH
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    Suppressors sandstorm subsonic ?

    The web page suggests that the sandstorm model will not stabilize subsonic heavy boat tailed projectiles unless the twist rate is 1-8". Is this true? I really hadn't planned on using subsonic ammo but I'm glad I read the disclaimer first. JH
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    Radway Green Ammo

    I found 75 rd bundles for $52.00 each last Friday and bought a couple. At that price is it worth going back to get more? Seems I remember some folks mentioned it was good practice ammo. But I haven't seen any available for a long time. I was gonna use it in a M1A or bolt gun. Anyone know what...
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    Suppressors local stocking dealer for Sure Fire Silencers

    Indianapolis area? I checked their webpage locator with no results. All stocked flashlights but no silencers. I really need to get one ordered and paid for by year end if possible. Please reply by email as I can't check in as often as I'd like. Thanx, JH