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    Anyone Seen This Before?

    How did it shoot?
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    Rifle Scopes Vortex razor HD gen3 1-10 FFP

    Been shooting my gen iii with MOA reticle for the past couple weeks on a mid-weight 18" ar15. Here are my observations so far. Turrets were fine, but for me this is a zero at 200 yards and use the reticle. I have not tested tracking. The illumination is extremely bright and well done. I can't...
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    T3X or ?.

    What magazines are working best with the 223 T3/Bravo combination?
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    GAP Production Rifle

    Mine shipped today. Looking forward to getting it out to the range after seeing these promising reports. My hat is off to GA Precision for kicking ass and getting these out despite the world falling apart.
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    GAP Production Rifle

    Looks like they just got in the next batch of actions for these. I'm thinking April 30 at the very earliest.
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    Rifle Scopes Vortex Razor HD Gen III 1-10x

    Any idea when in April these will start shipping to the unwashed masses?
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    GAP Production Rifle

    Oof, I couldn't resist.
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    SHOT Show Day 2 Report

    Any idea on Kahles K18i availability? Will you be offering pre orders?
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    Suppressors TBAC Ultras stay tight?

    It definetly sounds like I'm in the minority for bad experiences with this mounting system. I'll get in touch with Zak again for round two of trying to get this resolved. I'd love to have it fully functional.
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    Tried to place a preorder for the gen 3 from AK. Not sure if it was successful.
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    Suppressors TBAC Ultras stay tight?

    I didn't catch it in time and had a baffle strike because it backed off. I paid to have it rebuilt and checked out. Got it back and I was told the mounts and can looked good. Still came loose. I followed up but didn't get anywhere.
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    Suppressors TBAC Ultras stay tight?

    Mine comes loose every couple rounds. Clean, dirty, with or without anti seize. I've got 3 mounts and it backs off on all of them. Even with a strap wrench I get 5 rounds max. PITA to keep track of so I don't use it much anymore.
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    Suppressors Gemtech suppressed carrier review.

    Oh, good reminder about the Bootleg carrier. If I have troubles from undergassing I will give that option a try. As far gas gas blowback, the Gemtech carrier seems to send a lot more gas out of the ejection port rather than into the receiver. I do notice significantly more gas out to the side...
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    Suppressors Gemtech suppressed carrier review.

    There doesn't seem to be many reviews of these out there, so I thought I'd share my experience. My primary AR is an SR15 mod 2 which has always been over gassed. When I put a suppressor on it (Thunderbeast Ultra 9, 223CB, and an AAC M4 2000) it made the problem way worse. The damn rifle...
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    Rifle Scopes Another LRHS version from Bushnell 4.5x-18x, MOA too!

    I wish the 3-12 moa/moa was out, I'd love to snag one for an upcoming hunt.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Need a full size .40 S&W which one Springfield XDM.M&P or a Glock

    I was very impressed with the G35 gen4 I had for awhile. I never was a fan of .40 until that pistol.
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    Member Link Up Fairbanks?

    Let me know when you go, that sounds like a lot of fun.
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    Member Link Up Fairbanks?

    Can anyone recommend a good class III that is set up to e-file? I got to experience a suppressor for the first time on Sunday and now need my own.
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    75 vld and 9 twist

    Recently I was finally able to get some 75 vlds and last night loaded up a quick test ladder not knowing if they would stabilize. As a note, my rifle is a 20" .223 sps tactical (9 twist) reamed to .223 AI that would not stabilize the 75 a-max. Anyway, this morning it was a toasty 10 degrees...
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    223 AI 75 AMAX COAL concerns

    Another +1 for 8208. It runs 69 and 77 smks very well out of my ai. Does good with variable temperatures too. Sent from my KFTHWI using Tapatalk