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    Accessories A.R.M.S. Rear Sight

    40-L Marked rear sights in decent shape. I didn’t clean these up yet, if you want to see what a scrub in RemOil does to them or some better pics let me know. $60 ea. Shipped CONUS #1&4 are sold.
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    Accessories Unity Tactical ATOM G19 Gen 4 slide

    Used Unity Tactical ATOM slide with RMR 01 3.25MOA (Version 2). $695.00 shipped CONUS Last $ drop.
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    SOLD SureFire FH556RC-1/2-28 4 Prong

    SureFire 4 prong, FH556RC- 1/2-28 Great condition, clean engagement lug. $200 shipped CONUS, VENMO preferred.
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    Accessories SUREFIRE FH556-212A

    SureFire flash hider in pretty good condition, 1/2x28 threads for small frame AR’s. Notice that the webbing isn’t flame cut, which proves light use. Also check out the sharp ratchet teeth. $140 shipped CONUS. VENMO preferred.
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    SOLD Daniel Defense M4 12. Handguard

    Daniel Defense FDE M4 handguard. Like new, has a couple idiot marks as pictured. The barrel nut and hardware are included and threads on barrel nut look good. $250 shipped CONUS. VENMO preferred.
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    Nashville Explosion, intentional Reports of an explosion in downtown Nashville, hoping folks are ok and swift justice finds whoever is involved.
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    Reloading Equipment Sold--CCI 400, Win WSR, Lil'Gun, H110. Frederick Maryland--Sold

    Qty 2k CCI 400 small rifle primers Qty 2k Win WSR small rifle primers Qty 3 lbs H110 powder Qty 3 lbs Lil'Gun powder Meet in Frederick Maryland, I thought I would get into reloading 300 Blackout and its not going to happen. Somewhere I have some bullets and RCBS die with shell holder if...
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    Firearms WTB SCAR 17 FDE

    Searching for a new or gently used SCAR17 in FDE color. Even if you have seen one at your local gun store, please pass on the contact info.
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    Accessories Koyote Knives WTB

    Please let me know if you have any for sale? I missed out on them from years ago and always wanted to pick up an EDC, Ultra Light or similar medium sized knife from them.
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    Thanksgiving Prediction

    With all the "suggestions" and guidance to cancel or downsize Thanksgiving gatherings, which high and mighty prick is going to get caught having a large gathering? I fully expect photo's of a social elite holding a large party after repeatedly informing us on what right looks like.
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    Feedback Curahee19 is GTG

    The SCAR handguard was sent quickly and as advertised. The polaroid nudes were a nice touch too. @Curahee19
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    Accessories SOLD Arc'Teryx Echo Pack

    Arc'Teryx ECHO Pack. Used, but not beat to death only a few small abrasions or snags. This is complete and not like the ones on the (ebay) that are incomplete with the hip belts missing. The color is Crocodile, not KROKODIL like the drug that makes people capable of eating other humans. $ OBO...
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    Accessories Beretta 96D Brigadier INOX Slide w/barrel

    Beretta 96D Brigadier slide with barrel. $250 shipped OBO CONUS only
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    Optics Aimpoint T-2 and 3x SPF

    Aimpoint T2 (2MOA) and Aimpoint 3x Magnifier, both with LaRue Tactical mounts. I bought the T2 a couple years ago and have the box and accessories, but do not have the box for the magnifier. Very light use and no lens scratches. $1100 OBO shipped and insured for both. CONUS only.
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    Banned for posting something not related to shooting and not needed on this site. There are plenty of political and social political websites to visit, we don't need this here.
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    I just popped into the bolt action forum and am completely amazed at the lack of concern for any attempt to spell. It seems like a majority of the first 10 topics are jacked up. What is a Rilfe, is it the sound a dog makes when belly kicked? Is svage a new company. If a guy truly wants...
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    Suppressors SureFire Echo knife

    Great Knife, great cause, good price. I'm sure some of you have seen this in the Soldier Systems updates.
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    M855A1 B.C. info?

    Does anyone have solid B.C. info on the new M855A1?
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    Eberlestock Chassis System

    It looks like they will introduce a new rifle chassis system at SHOT this year. Does anyone have any details on these?
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    New from Ruger: Gunsite Scout Rifle

    Its threaded too. Looks like a nice truck gun.