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    New Budget to cut armed pilot program

    First we'll let the passengers carry knives, then we'll disarm the pilots. Brilliant....... Budget ax falls on armed pilot program -
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    Gunsmithing CG x-treme Mod22 tactical trigger install question

    I just installed a Mod 22 trigger into my Remington 700 action. The issue I am having is when I place the weapon onto safe it stops half way almost as if it is entering a detent. It only does this when it is cocked with the bolt closed. Otherwise the safety operates normally. It does this...
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    Gunsmithing PT&G one piece bolt

    I am truing/rebarreling my Remington 700. I was going to upgrade to a pacific tool & gauge one piece bolt while I was at it. There are 2 options as far as the angle on the bolt handle. They sell one with an 11 degree swept back handle. Is that the same angle as the stock Remington bolt? I am...
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    Telephone Poll

    I was just polled on the telephone. The first time ever incidentally. The questions started with what is the most important issue facing the country, how do you feel about the general direction country is heading etc. Then the questions on firearms started. Should we ban ammunition which...
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    Rifle Scopes S&B 3-12 Turret Question

    I am planning on purchasing a S&B 3-12 PM II LP for my GAP 308 bolt rifle. I am looking for opinions as to which elevation turrets I should go with- the single turn or double turn. I have only seen the single turn in person. Pros/cons of each? I am hoping Rob will chime in here. Thanks Gents
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    Hunting & Fishing Hunting with an FNAR in NY

    Gentleman A close friend of mine needs to know if he can hunt deer in NY with an FNAR rifle. Specifically can you hunt deer in NY with a pistol grip on the rifle.
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    Gunsmithing 1911 Frame Refinish

    I picked up a Caspian 1911 frame & put it in the safe for a later project. I noticed there were a few rust spots on the frame the other day. It is carbon steel & unfinished. Should I have it parkerized or cerakoted since it is probably going to sit for a while in the safe. I bought it for...
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    My Manners Experience

    I was in KC the other day & decided to go & check out Manners Stocks. Matt showed me all the models they had. They got me measured & fitted for my T2A. They are even going to be nice enought to walk it across the street to GAP for me when it's done for the bedding job. They are a first rate...
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    AR 15 Mag Issue

    I just picked up a few 30 round aluminum AR mags. I live in a ban state so these are preban mags. There are no markings so I don't know who manufactured them. I loaded them to 28 rounds, inserted mag, bolt release, removed mag for press check. When I reinsert the mags are very difficult to...
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    Gunsmithing PTG one piece bolt question

    I just received my one piece bolt from PT&G. Absolutely beautiful. However I was installing the firing pin assembly & I noticed that the flat where the firing pin assembly and the bolt meet (9 o'clock if looking from the rear) don't match up evenly. I didn't know if this was normal since my...
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    I am looking to put an AICS on my Remington 700 barreled action. Does anyone know the adjustment range of the length of pull?
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    HS stock with adjustable LOP/Cheek rest

    Anyone using an HS Precision stock with the adjustable LOP & cheek piece? Likes/dislikes? How is it holding up?
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    Gunsmithing Remington 700 SS vs Blued

    I am going to purchase a Remington 700 receiver for a new build. The barreled action will be cerakoted. Is there any real advantage to the stainless steel action over the basic blued action since it is about $200 more? Any recommendations?
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    Surgeon Bottom Metal

    Does the Surgeon bottom metal cap screws use the Torx 30 or 3/16 bits?
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    Rifle Scopes Any update on the PH light-tac optic?

    Anyone heard anything?
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    Mid Gas system on a Carbine

    I have a carbine AR15 (5.56) with collapsable stock. I am running it with an H buffer and FA BCG. I want to build a MK12 type precision upper,18" barrel etc to run on my carbine lower. My question is what is the recommended set up for this? Right now I am leaning toward mid length gas system...
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    20 Round AR15 Mags

    I live in a Assault Weapon Ban state. I saw some 20 round curved aluminum AR mags that were being claimed as being pre ban. There were no dates stamped on the mag bodies. Does anyone know if the curved 20 round mags were made prior to the ban? I don't want to pick them up if they aren't...
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    Gunsmithing Barrel Contour & SureFire muzzle brake

    I want to put a 18.5" barrel with a surefire muzzle break on my 308WIN. I am looking to use a Bartlein light varmit or heavy varmit barrel contour. My question is, with respect to barrel contour, does the contour determine how short(or minimum length)the barrel can be cut? I understand...
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    New AR build mag release issues

    I am having issues with a new AR build. It is with the mag release. It is very difficult to seat & release magazines. It only happens when the upper & lower are together. It doesn't matter if the bolt is locked to the rear or forward. I have tried multiple mags & they are all doing the same...
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    Trident Concepts

    I searched around but came up with very little. These guys(Trident Concepts) are heading my way this summer & I was thinking of taking their 3 day carbine class. Anyone have any recent experience with them?