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    hornady 55gr soft points now have boat tail?

    purchased in bulk from monmouth reloading and was pleasantly surprised to see that they now have a boat tail. Last purchase from powder valley had no boat tail. Anyone have any idea when this happened? i didn't see a different product designation on the hornady site. How much would the BC change?
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    Range Report recovered 55gr psp from frozen 2L

    Recovered this shooting into a frozen 2L bottle on its side at 140 yards. 55 grain winchester psp loaded up with 25 grains of benchmark, cci primer & lake city brass. Fired from a 16" rock river coyote special. Actual weight of projectile was closer to 56 grains, retained weight was 52...
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    wife hates this site

    she thinks its stupid even though she was just looking up a hair museum in missouri
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    broke lee universal deprimer pin on 2nd piece of brass

    tried a 223 brass, no problem. threw in a 308 felt a little pressure readjusted the die pressed a little more and snap discovered a berdan piece of brass. F***me! Totally my fault brass came from a friend and never thought to check.
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    Hi-Cap mag Natchez complaint!

    Is this the best forum to post the following complaint, Natchez will not ship hi-cap magazines to Ilinois. Hi-cap magazines MAY only be illegal in cook and the surrounding counties. Illinois has 102 counties and I live at the opposite end of the state so wtf is up. Not to mention I was only...
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    Rifle Scopes VX-R 1-4 line german #4

    Ive been considering buying the model with the standard duplex or german #4 style crosshairs. On the leupold website it says "includes metric" what does that mean? Is the adjustment in mils? It is for an ar carbine and I dont feel the need for the spr reticle or a vortex for the same reason...
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    Maggie’s lego das boot on you tube

    Lego animated version of das boot the famous movie. I thought this was well done by someone who had lots of time. I think its several years old but I just came across it. Its about 5min long. <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie"...
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    Exceed published data or not? 308 benchmark 168gr

    Working up a load for a savage 10pc 20" barrel with benchmark powder 168gr hornady hpbt Ive reached the max charge 42.0 grains 49,300 CUP (for a sierra 168gr hpbt) My groups have improved as the charge increased even from 41.5 grains but are not quite as tight as Im wanting. At 42 the primers...
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    POI M1 springfield armory using fed garand load

    is it normal for an m1 garand to be 13" high at 100 yards with the rear sight cranked all the way down
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    Alliant Power Pro 300MP for 44mag

    I picked up a pound cause it was cheaper than h110 and gave slightly more fps, other than that I have no idea what Im gettin myself into. Anyone have any experience with 240gr jacketed, plated and 300gr jacketed or lead gas checked?
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    cci 400 vs rem 7 1/2 benchrest .223

    Currently I use cci 400 in my savage bolt guns and an armalite AR. I run 25-25.5 grains benchmark (25.6 is max). I purchased some remington 7 1/2 benchrest primers to try out. They were on sale at natchez and were $3 buck per 1000 cheaper. What is a benchrest primer? Anyone have experience in...
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    Range Report 230 jhp test into beef brisket / wet phone book

    230gr jhp purchased in bulk off gunbroker from seller MPS28105 reloaded with 5.6gr of Clays Universal (~844fps) Shot out of a Springfield 1991 GI at 15 feet into a beef brisket backed up with wet phone books. The brisket had a hole in the cryo bag and went bad before I noticed it.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns 1911 slide will not lock back after last round

    My springfield 1911 gi will not lock back after last round with pachmayr 8rd mag, it will with factory mag and surplus gov 7 rd mags. Whats the cause?
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    Rifle Scopes bushnell elite 4200 40mm or 3200 50mm?

    looking at replacing a bushnell sportview 4-12x40 with either a 4200 3-9x40 or 3200 3-9x50. Im leaning towards the better optics in the 4200 40mm but would I be rewarded more during low light conditions with the 50mm? It will be going on a savage 110 in 223 used for coyotes and groundhogs out...
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    Discrepancy 45 acp 185g load data & bottle Hodgdon

    Received a free box of hornady 185gr jhp bullets for the 45acp. Load data in Hodgdon reolading guide states for a jswc 6.4 grains of clays universal = 977 fps.(Never Exceed Loads Listed In This Publication) is in bold at bottom of page. The jug of clays universal says for a jswc 7.2 = 993 fps...
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    44 mag 300 gr xtp using W296 or H110

    So I tried loads of 19, 20, 21 and 22 grains of W296. 19 I believe is the max load listed on the hodgdon/winchester site. 19 felt anemic(magnum wise)and I noticed tan unburned residue in case. 20-21 was stout. I loaded 2 rounds at 22 grains one using the top and one the bottom cannelure. Top...
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    Rifle Scopes resetting turrets on weaver classic v scope

    anyone have experience with this scope 4-16x42 the instructions are generic and vague, It says to remove the screw on top? Ive already stripped a finger nail and didnt want to take a tool to it unless I have to.
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    40cal 140g lead tcfp using clays

    a friend of mine has purchased some 140g lead tcfp as a test, usually he uses 180g. he only has clays powder. hodgdon doesnt list this bullet weight and doesnt list clays for a 135g jhp which is the closest in weight. any suggestions?
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    Gunsmithing Hopps #9 & bugs

    Anyone else notice that hopps#9 attracts bugs like gnats and mosquitoes. Sometimes I find a bunch of dead ones in the bottom of a pan or film container that I use when Im cleaning. I know Im opening myself up for some abuse with this question but what the heck bring it on.
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    case trim length in 223

    havent trimmed cases in 2 years or so but had a batch of 20 that needed it. set up the trimmer and checked the first on at 1.750" Perfect. However my next 19 all seemed shorter some as low as 1.742" I suspect the set screw was slipping. Is 1.742" too short? It visibly looks short?