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    Firearms Gone! M40a1 kit

    Will you sell out right?
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    Terminus Actions

    I had a similar issue with my Zeus left hand with a Calvin elite. The roller cocking pin fell out which I believe was the issue along (I think it must of been hanging down a bit). Sent the bolt back to Joel he replaced it and I’ve not had a single issue sense. I’m now running TT Special. I’d...
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    Man that sucks! Drive up we'll go shoot out on the BLM!
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    That bag is broke in quite nicely for just that?
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    Hey, Scriver here, I just PM'd you Thank you sir
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    Left Hand Sale WTT - right handed rifle for left handed rifle of comparable build - surgeon and J Allen 7mm Rem Mag

    I'd of wrote this in the feedback section but am unble to Robbw is good to go, rifle was exactly as pictured and all was smooth, great guy Thanks again!
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    Firearms WOW - smoking good deal!!!!

    Done, And thank you all!
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    Patriot valley arms

    I bought 2 Barrels from them in late 2019 they arrived around 3 weeks later and I've had zero issues and I'll be ordering more soon
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    SOLD Texas Brigade M40A1 (Left Hand action)

    I'll take as per our conversations sir
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    Practical steps for dealing with recoil

    Line up straight behind your rifle shoulders square, firm handshake grip with your firing hand trigger finger relaxed and pull rifle into your shoulder pocket tight. If your on a bipod press slightly forward with your shoulder. That said I have always noticed more recoil from a bench than when...
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    Bipod facing forward or backward?

    Frank has a good video from awhile back on bipods don't hop it has what ya need to know
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    How did you like your nucleus I've been thinking about one or a deadline
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    Rifle Scopes Tangent theta dealers

    I too bought from CStactical they were great to do business with
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    SOLD: Vortex Razor AMG

    PM sent