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    115 dtac ?

    looking for information on the true bc of the 115 dtac bn coated 6mm bullets. Cannot Seem to find a published bc that sounds right. G1 bc .620 and .588 are what his website shows just looking for other peoples experiences thanks.
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    What’s the difference ?

    Warhorse saracen field bag and a bison tactical tactical udder? If you have experience with either one likes or dislikes your opinion would be appreciated thanks.
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    Accessories Sold thanks

    Separate rings 34mm asking $300 shipped
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    Accessories FS atlas cleat feet & ad-170 bipod mount all spf

    Cleat feet $35 shipped each pairad-170-s mount for atlas bipod $50 shipped
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    Accessories FS sain defense.30cal cleaning kit

    New never used $80 shipped
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    Reloading Equipment SPF. FS 95gr-6mm Seneca solids

    185 95gr-6mm Seneca solids I bought these two weeks ago can’t get them to shoot in a 1/8 twist Asking $100 shipped
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    Range Report 243 load ?

    I recently purchased a 243 and started load development based off some things that I read on here started at 41.5grs of h4350 come to find out it’s way over book Max hodgdon online manual says 37.5 is max It shoots really well primers look good don’t know what to do would you use this
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    Reloading Equipment WTB 6 gt dies

    Looking to get a set of 6 GT dies and a modified case.
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    Great deal on accuracy international’s

    Just letting everybody know eurooptic has great deals on demo model AX rifles I just picked up a floor model demo AX for $4499 That’s priced better than most used ones in the px. Hope this helps somebody get a good deal
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    Gap 10 used price ?

    What are used GA precision AR 10s in 6Creedmoor worth ? I haven’t seen one for sale in quite a while. You see there 308 rifle’s for sale but not the 6 Creedmoor. I’ve been thinking about selling mine. since I never shoot it. may have found something that sparked my interest A little bit more...
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    Ingenuity rail

    I’ve been looking at getting one. What is very ones thoughts? And did you inlet it or just screw on?
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    7rem mag for competition ?

    I have the chance to pickup a ai awsm in 7 rem mag. Will this be a good comp setup or is it to big? Thanks for the help
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    FN spr A4

    Does any one have experance with them? Does a rem 700 have an advantage over them besides in the accessories department? Thanks for your input
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    Range Report 300wm 175smk

    Do any of you guys run the 175smk? What kind of luck did you have with them and what was your load? Doing some reloading for my brother-in-law who is in the army and doesn't have time to reload.
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    Barrel life in 6.5

    Which lasts longer? 6.5x47 260 or 6.5 creedmore? I was told that barrel life was around 3,000 rounds for the 260 and 6.5 creedmore.I read some good posts on here about the 6.5x47 but never heard what barrel life was. Thanks for your input.