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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    Looks like me and my twin brother on the back roads back in the day. No snow, just gravel, In a 73 Plymouth Gold Duster. Could not blow up that slant six, it would just float the valves and keep hanging on.
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    Bourbon snobs need not enter.

    If it got Clarence Emil "Bud" Anderson through WW2 as a fighter ace its good enough for me.
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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    Black Flag Black Flag - symbol description, layout, design and history from Looks like sweat pants to me. :ROFLMAO:
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    Avoid I-40 E in Arkansas

    Hwy 14 is pretty fun from Yellville to Harriet. It is not as hard core as Hwy 7 though.
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    volunteer to change diapers for the first first week or so while mom rests ! The smell is no where near what is yet to come.
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    Congratulations !! I don't know what all these other people are talking about, No sleep and all that. I am a twin and don't remember any of that. :ROFLMAO: Twins defiantly have a special bond. My twin lives in another state and it is eerie that we may not see each other for 6 to 8 months and...
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    Saw that Trump has supposed to have joined Parler, May be overwhelmed with new profiles.
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    Eddie Van Halen Died... cancer

    The name of the bad is Van halen . Eddie and Alex created the group so yeah they call the shots.
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    A New Low by Fake News Against Trump

    I think this story is total bull shit. Trump was not my first choice in 2016, I was a Ted Cruse supporter, but I thank God every day that Trump won. No Republican that ran in 16 would have survived what President Trump has , they would have caved in the first year.
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    Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    Happy Birthday Lawless ! I have 3 years on you today. I had planned on a nice ribeye on the grill tonight but the rain came. Suppose to be dry tomorrow though so will be a day late.
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    Ok, I'll admit when I'm wrong...

    Started out with Red Man and Levi garret around 13, went to Skoal and got tired of all my friends wanting to bum a dip at school so switched to Copenhagen. My Brother an a friend bet each other we couldn't quit and I did for two years. One day a friend came home from England and had a can of...
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    Watch your mailboxes, people.

    Go to the Post office and give them the tracking number. They can look it up and see if it was delivered to your box or not. As soon as the bar code is scanned it will record the GPS location and they can pull that up on Google earth.
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    Cast Iron Skillets

    Usually #4, #6 and # 11 are the rarest sizes for manufacturers of cast iron. take care of that large block #6 Griswold.
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    Cast Iron Skillets

    For a modern skillet I would look at the Stargazer. You can get them seasoned or bare iron, also the longer handle is nice to have. You can get vintage cast iron cheaper if you do a little searching, just make sure they sit flat and don't have any cracks or bad pitting. As far as cleaning back...
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    Maggie’s Black and Tan?

    Thought this was about coon hunting
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    Audiobook Services

    Go to your local Library, they can hook you up with E books. My wife downloads books to her I pad to read or audio books to her phone, all for free. You may have to be on a waiting list for popular titles, just like if you went into your library and checked out a book physically.
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    Neil Peart has passed

    He was the best . One of my favorite bands.
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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    WOW ! I am a rural mail carrier and have fixed a lot of flat tires, but nothing like that.
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    bushnell 1mile conx problem

    Your sight in is at 30 and your first drop is at 60 and you are coming up 2 full mills ? Unless you have a muzzle velocity of 500 FPS I think you should have 0.2 mill hold over.