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  1. andrewsben

    SOLD Arc archimedes 6.5 saum

    Built a 6.5 saum and a 7 saum. Deciding to keep the 7 saum, and a 260 ai on kelbly black bear, so don't need another 6.5. No rounds on either action or barrel. American rifle company Archimedes short action magnum bolt face Tacsport pro single stage Apache gun works 24" bull barrel, stainless...
  2. andrewsben

    Reloading Equipment WTT Pistol Primers for Large Rifle Primers in Eastern Ky Area

    Running a little low on large rifle and large rifle magnum primers. Have 1,231 Winchester WLP (large pistol) and 1,000 CCI 500 (small pistol), would like to trade for same amount, in person, for CCI BR2, CCI 200 or Federal 215. Live in eastern Kentucky but do travel to Lexington/Richmond area...
  3. andrewsben

    SOLD Redding 243 Win FL bushing die

    Some EBay sellers suck at descriptions... Got the 243 Winchester whidden "neck bushing die for 243" set I ordered in today. When verifying 243 meant Winchester, should have asked for model number. also got the Redding full length bushing sizer die I ordered thinking his description meant neck...
  4. andrewsben

    Firearms Defiance Tenacity 6XC barreled action

    A long time ago I put together a Defiance Tenacity (s/n 123) with a NSS Criterion 6XC barrel. Barrel is 26", 7T, with trued barrel nut. Has Area 419 (I think that is who made it) oversized bolt handle (original will come with it as well). Haven't put a single round through this but did bed...
  5. andrewsben

    Firearms Savage 112 Target Magnum 338 Lapua AI

    Savage 112 Target Magnum 338 Lapua AI Built off Savage 112 Taget Magnum action (single shot with target accu-trigger) with Bartlein 5R barrel. Have only put a handfull of rounds through it, mainly just to get some formed brass of the chamber to send off for custom Whidden die set. Had a...
  6. andrewsben

    SOLD Vortex Razor Gen II 4.5-27 EBR-1C

    I have a good condition Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56 EBR-1C MRAD for sale. Product number RZR-42704. I have had it for a while, bought off a friend that was trying to fund a new build, but I never have mounted it on anything. Came with Seeking AR46450 rings, and leaving them on while I'm...
  7. andrewsben

    SOLD ARC Archimedes Long Action Magnum Boltface

    Bought a couple Archimedes a long time ago and only used the short action. I put a trigger on this right hand, long action, magnum bolt face and put it in the safe and haven't gotten around to doing anything with it. It comes with both the original rail and the replacement rail that ARC issued...
  8. andrewsben

    Slowshot18 is GTG

    Slowshot18 had great communication, fast shipping, and fair deal on a chassis. Everything arrived packaged really well and exactly as described. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
  9. andrewsben

    SOLD: Savage 110 BA Chassis, price lowered

    Savage 110 BA (original not the stealth) long action take off chassis. Has PRS butt stock and is in great condition. It uses AICS magazines. I am asking $500 shipped and insured for this. I also have a savage long action action for sale at...
  10. andrewsben

    SPF: HS Precision PST114 Savage Short Action w/ bottom metal

    I have a Savage short action, 4.4" spaced, HS Precision stock . For any short action centerfeed with top bolt release. Has kydex cheek rest and comes with bottom metal and 4 round flush magazine (308 family). This stock is used but in really good shape. Asking $425 shipped and insured.
  11. andrewsben

    SOLD: Kestrel 5700 Elite w/ link and AB

    Got an fde Kestrel 5700 Elite with link and applied ballistics last year for xmas. Thought I would use it but never have. Have put batteries in to play with it around the house a time or two but other than that it has just sat in the safe in the box. Asking $600 shipped and insured.